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At Certus Recruitment our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is designed to inspire our employees to be part of something bigger. We encourage all our team to work with a charity for 1 to 2 days per year, which is given in addition to any leave entitlement.

Since 2012 we have been volunteering in our local communities, across a number of projects including the Prince’s Trust and The Clare Foundation (4C).

The Princes Trust

The Prince’s Trust was established 1976 by The Prince of Wales in order to help disadvantaged young people and it has grown to become the UK's leading youth charity. The Trust offers a wide range of opportunities to young people from mentoring to personal development and from training to business start-up assistance.

Certus has been working alongside The Prince's Trust to provide support to young people who are unemployed and struggling to get into work. This is a key aspect of The Trust's work as around one in five young people in the UK are not in work, education or training and youth unemployment costs the UK economy a staggering £10 million a day in lost productivity.

Certus has designed a program to assist these young people, mapping the core knowledge within our organisation onto the skills deficiencies highlighted by The Trust, and by doing so helping to guide them onto the first rung of the employment ladder.

The program includes workshops designed for the specific needs of young, unemployed people, with each aspect road-tested in advance and agreed with The Trust. Each workshop is intended to be flexible enough to deal with the individual needs of those attending but will be based around a number of core aspects in which many young people struggle, including:

  • Job-search techniques

  • Writing and structuring a CV

  • Completing job applications

  • Following up or 'chasing' applications

  • Interview skills and techniques

  • Making a good impression on a potential employer

  • Basic presentation skills

The workshops cover both theory and practical aspects of a job-search, with role-plays a crucial part of the process. At the end of each session the goal is for attendants to not only understand how the application process works but also to have the basic skills, motivation and confidence needed to be successful in a job search.

Volunteering gives us the opportunity to improve our teamwork and unite together for a worthwhile common cause. It also gives us the chance to do something good without material personal gain and that feels good!

Can We Support Your Charity?

We're always on the lookout for new ways to support our community. If you are part of a charity or organisation that could benefit from partnering with Certus Recruitment Group we would love to hear form you.

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