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5 Reasons why jobseekers should use a recruitment agency

Posted by: Sam Wheeler

If you are a jobseeker finding your next pursuit, you might ask yourself the question: “should I use a recruitment agency?” I will admit the industry can at times have a bad name and reputation due to a small minority, but the majority of recruitment agencies out there do have the best intentions. So, I am setting out below, why you SHOULD use an agency:


Many recruitment agencies out there are specialists in a certain industry. If I use Certus Recruitment Group as an example, we have four key specialist areas – Sales, Digital, IT and Graduate, which are further broken down into different verticals to ensure a focused service is provided to our clients. My expertise lies in Sales Recruitment for the Technology sector. It is the same across many agencies, which allows recruitment consultants to know your industry like the back of their hand. I know the vast majority of businesses and decision makers in your industry and I speak with over 200+ key players every week.


As a recruitment consultant I have a direct relationship with the decision maker and anyone else who is responsible for your application, for example, the Human Resources department. If you apply to the company directly, you simply submit your application online and if it is unsuccessful, you usually won't hear back. Whereas, it is in my best interests to get you an interview or feedback on your CV ASAP, so I will chase your application on your behalf. I am also able to discuss the attributes you demonstrated that are right for the role during our phone conversations and/or from meeting you that may not have come across on paper.


As I know your industry and our clients inside out, I can provide you with tailored interview preparation for each interview and helpful tips and pointers around what the client is looking for. If you were going directly, you wouldn’t know what to expect or what skills are particularly important to demonstrate to the decision maker.


I will always aim to give you the best feedback possible even if at first it may seem harsh. I want you to get the job you’re looking for, so I will give you any negative feedback as well as positive, in order for you to improve your answers and technique moving forward.


A job search is a full time job in itself. Many people start their job search while still employed which means taking calls or managing your diary can be tricky. I will do all of this for you so that your job search will be as streamlined as possible.

One thing you should always remember from a jobseeker’s point of view – as a recruitment consultant it’s in my best interest to help you, as that’s how I generate revenue. I thrive on repeat business and constantly welcome referrals.

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