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Growth in 2016

Posted by: Justin Byrne

Ok, oil has fallen below 30 Bucks a barrel and the Chinese are realising that growth is not indefinite but, on the whole, the general feeling in British business is pretty positive. From the perspective of an insignificant recruiter, things have never been so good. I started my sales and tech recruitment life in the dot com boom of 1999/2000 and that was great. But the market now is better! The difference is this - in 2000 people were joining companies hoping they'd be the next big thing. In 2016, they have the advantage of being able to know the companies that are on the up.

Or do they?

 The problem in a buoyant recruitment market is candidates stop actually thinking and believe their own hype. The fact is, most candidates only move jobs when things aren't going so well, but the reality is that the best time for a candidate to move is when they're flying. 

 And recruiting companies need to recognise that, in a competitive candidate driven market, you must do whatever it takes to attract those candidates that weren't even considering a move! 

 This is where you find the difference in your recruitment partners. Do you want to work with those that send you candidates that are on the market because they've not done well, or do you choose the company that will find you the best person for the job - even if that personGrowth in 2016 didn't know they were looking?

 The vast majority of UK businesses are looking to grow in 2016. The difference between those that do and those that don't is purely down to those that want it most and invest in those partners that can make it happen.

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