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Recruiting advice that candidates may find useful - Part II


With increased activity in the UK Recruitment marketplace, it is becoming all the more important that you hire the right candidate the first time around.

Whilst recruiting/interviewing can often be viewed as a game of chance, you can 100% identify the right individuals if you invest the time in the hiring process.

Interviewing candidates is tough, especially as some candidates will demonstrate great interview skill and ability, but will then lack the subsequent motivation and enthusiasm once the role has been secured.

To get the core info you need about the candidates you interview, here's a simple but incredibly effective interview technique: Start from the beginning of the candidate's work history and work your way through each subsequent job. Move quickly, and don't ask for any detail. (At least not yet!)

Go back through each job and ask the same three questions.


2) What did you like about the job before you started?

In time, interviewees should describe the reason they took a particular job for more specific reasons than "great opportunity," "chance to learn about the industry," or "next step in my career."

Great employees don't work hard because of lofty titles or huge salaries. They work hard because they appreciate their work environment and enjoy what they do. (Titles and salary are just icing on the fulfillment cake.)

This means they know the kind of environment that they will thrive in, and the type of work that motivates and challenges them, and not only can they describe it, they actively seek it.


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