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The recruitment process - from a client perspective

Posted by: Ian Piper

At Certus Recruitment Group we are highly confident in our ability to provide a recruitment service that adds real value to our client organisations.
In fact, it is our belief that a true recruitment service is not about filling the vacancy, rather it is placing the right candidate who goes on to be successful within your company.

I’m going to breakdown the 4 key processes required to successfully recruit sales professionals.

1) Understanding your business

We believe that in order to understand the requirements of your company we need to have met with those responsible for the recruitment and management of the Sales function. This enables us to:

• Understand your company and its position within its market.
• Understand what you are trying to achieve and where you have been successful.
• Identify where you believe improvements could be made and what needs to be done to maximise opportunity.
• Experience the atmosphere within the company and specifically the sales department.
• Understand the responsibilities of the sales team and the expectations of management.
• Gain a feel for the type of person who succeeds, as well as fails, within the company, and the reasons for their success or failure.
• Understand those traits that are sought by those recruiting and the methods that are used in the recruitment process.

Having gained an in depth knowledge of your organisation we will adapt our recruitment process to ensure that the best candidates are identified.

2) Candidate Resourcing

Having gained a comprehensive understanding of your company and the position you are looking to recruit, Certus Recruitment will implement our candidate resourcing process, which is unique to Certus and ensures consistency for our clients and speed of response.

The details of the vacancy are passed to our Resource Manager, who is responsible for writing all advertising and placing those adverts in the appropriate advertising mediums. We currently utilize over 20 different websites and through our media buying partner have access to all industry press at highly competitive rates.

Additionally, your dedicate consultant will implement an immediate search of our own candidate database, which has in excess of 40,000 sales focused candidates.
We aim to have all adverts placed and to have conducted our database search within 4 hours of your instruction.

Having identified suitable candidates through our database search and advertising we aim to have completed telescreening and be interviewing candidates face to face within 3-5 days.

3) Selecting & Short-listing

Having completed the initial shortlisting and tele-screening of potential candidates, we commence the formal interview process. At Certus Recruitment Group we conduct formal interviews, we do not simply 'register' candidates.

Interviewing - All Certus candidates are interviewed by 2 consultants. The process lasts approximately 60 minutes, during which time their background and current situation is fully investigated. We specifically look for:

• Confirmation of level of education
• Evidence of past success including non vocational success e.g. sport
• An understanding of activity levels in previous roles
• Reasons for leaving previous roles
• Level of understanding of the products and services they have sold
• Evidence (P60's/payslips etc) of past earnings

In addition, we look to gain a full understanding of the candidates’ motivation and career aspirations. By learning about the candidates’ style and personality type we are able to assess their potential for cultural fit within your organization.

As well as identifying a candidate's strengths & style, we spend considerable time looking at areas that require improvement, including their willingness to acknowledge weaknesses.
Having identified a candidate’s suitability for your role, we present them with details of your organization and the position in order for them to determine their interest in the position, prior to submission of their CV.

4) Supporting your decision

With consultants available to you at every stage of the recruitment process, we can arrange assessment days, attend client led interview days, profile your own candidates against those from Certus and arrange testing as required. Regardless of your requirements and the outcome, Certus will support the direction and decisions, which you choose to take.


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