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Top qualities clients look for in a candidate

Posted by: Megan Speet

There is no such thing as a perfect candidate, but there are a few key qualities every recruiter and employer should look for in every candidate.

A candidate definitely needs to be good on paper: their work history, accomplishments and skill sets will show if they are capable of doing the job, but it’s their personality and how they present themselves in a job interview that defines a successful candidate.

PROFESSIONALISM: Both recruiters and employers want to know that the employees approach their jobs with the business in mind, and how they conduct themselves during the search gives them this insight. Always remember that “a manager can read you the moment you walk through the door”.

COMMITMENT: Commitment is a very important trait and especially when times are tough, the candidate who will go the extra mile for himself and the company is a huge asset. Employers want to hire people who will have an extended tenure with the company and, ideally, progress into more senior roles.

ENTHUSIASM: Employers want candidates who are excited about the job and the company; enthusiastic employees are more likely to approach the job with a positive attitude and work hard.

PERSONALITY: It is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out in the modern world, so someone who has a little bit of personality can make a big difference. Someone who comes across as dull, lifeless and boring, or to the other extreme, arrogant, self-centered and difficult, is not likely to stand out (for the right reasons!) in the hiring manager’s mind.

If a candidate can show potential employers they have all the skills required and most of the qualities listed above — preferably with examples — they will almost certainly become a more attractive candidate.




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