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What to do after a job interview

Posted by: Ian Piper

So you’ve brushed up on your interview skills, mastered body language and delivered the perfect interview – what do you do now?

To boost your application, there are a number of things you can do to ensure you have the best possible chance of success. By delivering on the key areas below, you can progress your application to offer stage, make an informed decision and accept a position which you are truly prepared for.


Demonstrating that you are still interested in the position following your interview reinforces your suitability with your potential employer. Leave on a note of intent such as: “I would love to contribute to your business and I am really hoping I get the chance.” Close the interview by finding out what the next step in the process is including clarifying dates, stages and processes.


Send a brief thank-you email within 24 hours of the interview. This helps keep your application fresh in the employer’s mind.


A personalised, powerful follow-up email gives you a chance to really address the key points. Don’t waste time and space with generalities, instead include specific references to the interview and remind your potential employer of your relevant accomplishments. You can also take this opportunity to introduce points you may have forgotten to bring up.


If you make a promise to send through further information, make sure you stick to the timeframe. This will demonstrate your organisation, commitment and dedication.


Address what you have learnt in the interview, propose a strategy to address a company weakness that you uncovered and show your enthusiasm for contribution.


If an interviewer tells you it will be a week until they expect to contact you again, make sure you wait a week. Do not appear desperate or pushy by contacting them earlier than the agreed date.


Be prepared for follow-ups by continuing to research the company and the industry. If something came up in the interview that you did not have much knowledge about, become an expert and prepare some additional questions for when you speak again.


Continue to network. Contacts and connections which might influence the hiring decision will go a long way in the employer’s decision.

And finally Rejection

Do not burn bridges… if you are not successful this time, be grateful for the opportunity, overcome any shortcomings and you never know what it will happen in the future….


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