Salesperson's Secret Code

Sales Assessment

The Salesperson’s Secret Code Assessment is the go-to tool that offers salespeople the opportunity to compare their currently-held beliefs with the best of the best and to explore how they can alter the intensity of certain beliefs and mindsets.
New beliefs lead to new behaviours which lead to enhanced sales performance.
The Salesperson’s Secret Code is the result of the largest research project of its kind into the beliefs that underpin the behaviours of salespeople. The result is that researchers have been able to codify the beliefs of the best of the best and create a formula for success.
The Assessment is usually reserved for the Sales Teams of some of the largest Global Brands (think American Express, Cisco, Deloitte). Through our partnership with its owners, Transform Performance International, Candidates of Certus Recruitment are being provided the opportunity to participate in the process at a hugely reduced rate.
It's a simple process. Click the link below to complete a questionnaire (which takes approximately 20 minutes) and you will receive via email a 20-page personalised report that:

  • Provides insight into your current alignment to the 10 key beliefs and behaviours

  • Offers a comparison with those of the top performers in the Salesperson’s Secret Code research

  • Gives an opportunity for personal reflection as to the current effectiveness

  • Provides suggested development and learning points

  • Suggests your readiness for change and how you can accelerate your positive attitude to change

By using these insights, you get to understand the adjustments you can make to create and sustain high-performance sales – invaluable for your current role and when applying for your next!

With the generosity of Transform Performance International, the report's authors, we are able to offer the assessment exclusively at the heavily discounted rate of £40 (normally £120), by using the code CERTUS at checkout, after you have completed the questionnaire.

Complete the Assessment and receive your personal report. Don't forget to enter the code CERTUS at checkout after you have completed the assessment.

​Click the link below to download a full sample report generated by The Salesperson's Secret Code.