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James Youell, Graduate Manager, Certus
Hello, I'm

James Youell

Graduate Manager


Prior to entering world of recruitment I owned and managed a number of small automotive companies which catered to high end clients. My experience of working with clients, understanding what their need is and how I can match it,  is something that I have been able to bring to my role in recruitment.

As a Graduate Manager I specialise in guiding those who are fresh out of university and ready to embark on a career, as well as others who are looking for that next step, into their dream job. 

I take great pride in matching clients with the ideal candidates and vice versa to help businesses and individuals grow.

In my spare time I love toying with cars, whether that’s driving them, taking them apart or modifying them - I love it all! When I’m not playing with cars I can usually be found relaxing with the latest addictive series on TV.

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