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Justin Byrne, CEO, Certus
Hello, I'm

Justin Byrne


Having had a number of years experience in sales and recruitment, Justin established Certus Sales in January 2001. Initially a specialist sales recruiter, the business has developed and evolved into what is now  the Certus Recruitment Group, which consists of four core brands, Certus Sales, Certus Graduate & Certus Digital and Certus IT.

As CEO, Justin continues to take the lead role in the strategic development and growth of the business, while retaining as much client involvement as possible. Justin is passionate about quality of service and believes business growth is achieved not just by winning new clients, but by ensuring existing clients are provided with an exceptional service that delivers a real and measurable return for their business.

This is achieved by promoting Certus Recruitment Group's core values; Passion, Energy, Commitment, Integrity and Fun, ensuring they are evident in all that we do. 

Outside work, Justin has a passion for water sports and takes any opportunity to get to the family's holiday home in North Cornwall or to get on a boat and go sailing. 

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