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Diary and Time Management Tips

Posted by: Ian Piper

Mastering diary and time management is one of the keys to becoming a top billing recruiter or high performing sales professional.

As the years move on, more and more resources are becoming available for recruiters and sales professional alike. First it was job boards and then came social media - entirely new ways to eat up time and let the sales day slip away.

Books upon books have been written about time and diary management, but by following the simple tips below, you can structure your day and plan to be successful without reading chapters and chapters.

1. Write your plan and diary for the following day the night before, and set up your desk and paperwork. This means that you can go home with a clear head and when you come back in the morning you will have everything you need to have a great day already set up – you should find it motivational and efficient and it allows you to get going right away.

2. Write your diary entry with as much information as possible, this way you ensure that when you come to make the call you have all the information you need and you won’t get distracted from the task at hand. Try recording the following:

• Contact Name: Contact Number
• Background to the call
• Objective of the call

3. Do tasks in blocks – get in a flow of activity and don’t flit from task to task.

4. Set specific time slots for non-phone or sales based activities.

5. Respect your diary – if something comes up add it to your to do list in order of priority, don’t just replace tasks or do it because someone has asked you then and there.

6. Leave gaps in your diary (if possible) for the unexpected and overruns. This is really a case of building in flexibility and contingency time.

7. Start things 5 minutes early – a quick technique for getting ahead of your competitors and colleagues!

8. Do the most unpleasant task first – get it out of the way. Otherwise it will get pushed back continually and in some instances never get completed!

9. Recognise your personal time stealers – identify what costs you time and construct a strategy to eliminate them. If it’s surfing the net – do it at lunchtime. If it’s assisting colleagues – then try to plan that into your schedule at prescribed times only.

10. DO IT NOW! – Take action, stick to your plan and make things happen.

As a Recruiter or Sales Professional you live or die by your sales pipeline so ensure that every day you are doing something to strengthen it.

One final note - remember that stress is typically caused by things left undone or unfinished; seldom by things that have been done.




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