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Facebook and Google bring in one-fifth of the world's advertising revenue.

Posted by: Sam Wheeler


With online advertising making its mark in the advertising world, can traditional mediums such as television, keep up?

It comes as no surprise that television is no longer considered the strongest and most effective way to advertise, with online advertising set to take over as the world’s largest ad medium.

Combined, Facebook and Google earn a staggering $106.3 billion in advertising. According to research carried out by data and analysis agency Zenith, this is twice the revenue gained 5 years ago.

Jonathon Barnard, head of forecasting at Zenith has said, “Zenith’s new ranking demonstrates just how much the internet advertising platforms are setting the pace for global ad spend-growth. Google and Facebook alone have accounted for almost two-thirds of global ad spend growth since 2012.”

Google and Facebook accounted for close to 20% of global advertising spending in 2016, seeing an increase compared to the previous years with no signs of slowing down. Google brought in a staggering $79.4 billion in ad revenue last year, making it the largest media owner in the world. Facebook is the second largest, with a recorded $26.9 billion of ad revenue in the same year.

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