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How does a positive mindset affect you at work?

Posted by: Megan Troster

Have you ever ruined your day before it has even begun? You’re not the only one.

Waking up “on the wrong side of the bed” is extremely common, but have you ever taken time to think about how this really affects the rest of your day? You wake up, make your tea or coffee and instantly pick up your phone to scroll through the likes of Instagram and Facebook as though they were your morning paper. Even first thing in the morning what do you see? A whole host of inspirational quotes in the form of status updates, memes and photography style edits. It seems you can’t possibly be in a good mood nor have a positive outlook on the day ahead without sharing it in one way or another on social media. To some it can be incredibly irritating seeing this over and over again, however to others this could be just the positive boost they need to turn their mood around and start their day right.

When you start the day feeling good about what lies ahead, you are full of energy and ready to go to work to take on anything that’s thrown your way. A positive attitude brings positive energy and ultimately it gives you confidence! You will find you have the confidence to be sure of your abilities and to believe in yourself that you can do a great job. It provides momentum which carries and drives you through your day, even during mundane tasks. It allows you to actually enjoy your work and in turn be more productive. Adopt the “whistle while you work” attitude and you will find that your tasks become easier and tough work becomes a new challenge. Before you know it you will be flying through your to-do list! As well as whizzing through your own work, you will be more inclined to help your colleagues when you have a positive attitude, and in turn they will be more attracted to assisting you. Nobody wants to work with someone who has something to complain about constantly. Not every situation will be great in the workplace, you will have bad days, but with a positive outlook you will soon be able to find a silver lining and make the best out of a bad situation.

Not only does a positive attitude make you much more attractive to be around in your current workplace, it also improves your employability should you currently be looking for work. Employers are ultimately looking for someone who actually wants to work and who enjoys what they do. Someone who is able to make work a better place by being reliable, having good humour and by their ability to act as a positive influence on the rest of their colleagues through the way they conduct themselves on a daily basis. With a negative attitude, you will not be able to meet these criteria. You won’t come across as someone who is passionate about their job, who takes pride in the company they work for or who cares about their customers or colleagues.

The bottom line is happy people make for a happy environment! With productivity levels up and smiles all round, why wouldn't you have a happy workplace? Hack into your own mind. Control what you can but let go of what you can’t. Spend a few minutes at the end of each day reflecting on what went well, no matter how small and irrelevant it may seem. Small steps forward in the right direction will make a huge difference. It isn’t always about achieving performance goals, set your own goals for your own happiness and the rest will follow.




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