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In the wake of the election, how will Trump do "business" for America?

Posted by: Megan Troster


Many think he will treat the position as one of a ‘CEO’ as after all, he is just a businessman. The question on many people’s lips is ‘How has the unthinkable happened, and how will this outcome affect the rest of the world?’ Protests have arisen in major US cities within only hours of the electoral result being announced; and much like Brexit, the result has pushed America into the world of the unknown. Trump may have won the war, but the fight is not over. One of the main worries for him is going to be the public unrest that has been stirred up from the result. So, here’s an idea of what to expect from the man himself...

For the UK, we are not to expect any favours when it comes to trade deals. However, the president- elect openly called for Britain to leave the EU during the referendum campaign and said it would be treated fantastically after Brexit. The polar opposite of what Obama stated about our country being placed at the back of the queue for a trade deal after Brexit. Nigel Farage warned the UK of the mistake they were making by not taking Donald Trump seriously. Whereas Theresa May has directly criticised Trump, but Britain’s leave vote was at the heart of his electoral campaign and he was a pro leaver himself. Trump suggested that if he were British that he would want a different system. He certainly has a way with words: ‘Britain has become a great ally. Such a great ally they’ve gone into things they shouldn’t have (meaning Iraq) with me they will always be treated fantastically.’

Surprisingly, Trump is keen to develop a relationship with Putin. Russia’s President sent Trump a personal telegram congratulating him, as he hopes for joint work to improve US-Russian relations. However Alexi Venedik, editor in chief of Russia’s Liberal echo of Moscow’s radio claimed that Putin doesn’t like unpredictability and Trump is the definition of that. Trump believes he is the man able to ease tensions with Putin, even publicly announcing his admiration for the strong leader. Although little has been mentioned as to how this relationship will develop, both leaders share the same desire for a joint fight against the Islamic State Militants.

Free trade will be the single biggest change in the way America does business with the rest of the world. Trump has suggested withdrawing the US from the World Trade Organisation and threatens to scrap a number of existing free trade agreements which include the North American Free Trade Agreement between the US, Canada and Mexico, which he blames for job losses. In an effort to prevent companies moving jobs south of the border, Trump was in favour of taxing imports and has talked about imposing tariffs of 45% on China and 35% on goods shipped from Mexico. Famously, Trump has promised to build a concrete wall between the US and Mexico, at Mexico’s expense. Mexico’s president is refusing to fund the wall (obviously). Trump’s aim is to keep out immigrants whom he believes bring drugs along with crime, and has even labelled them rapists. There were also threats to temporarily ban Muslims entering the US, but was down graded to Muslims undergoing ‘extreme vetting’ along with the deportation of 11 million illegal immigrants. Attitudes such as this will boost nationalist parties such as UKIP and France’s Front National.

This win will raise significant concerns for the future of Nato. He has stated that America can no longer afford to protect countries in Europe and Asia without adequate compensation. That would then create the assumption that unless these countries paid, he would withdraw. This has been a longstanding US concern about most Nato members. The US may not come to the aid of Nato allies if they are attacked, and Trump has been very clear from the outset about how he plans to put America first when it comes to both its military and economic interests.

Climate change to Donald Trump simply does not exist, once calling it a “Chinese hoax”. As previously stated, he intends to cancel the Paris climate change deal which was signed by 195 countries. Technically the US can’t withdraw for another 4 years, but it’s likely that Trump will ignore that. Alongside this, he wants to scrap all major regulations that President Obama painfully put in place to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Now the Republicans control the house and senate, this can easily be done. His desire to get rid of the environmental protection agency means that all the regulations put in place around use of mercury pollution, coal, ash and smog could be dropped.

Trump began this process as the businessman, an outsider, a joke but he has now proven many wrong; he has become unstoppable. Americans have admired him for his approach, what you see with Trump is what you get and there’s no hiding behind the scenes. That in the end was Hilary’s downfall, her controversy surrounding hidden emails came out at a crucial point during her election campaigns and in the end cost her the vote of some of the competitive states that she need to take in the final run. One American voice sums up the reasoning for her vote, a 19 year old student in New York stated that she would prefer a politician to run the country rather than a businessman. She, meaning Hilary is not a saint she added but sometimes you have to pick the better one out of the two options. People seem to want change in this world and this was an anti-establishment protest, so can someone with no public office experience be the one to "make America great again?"    

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