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Reports of salaries declining - but not in sales!

Posted by: Ian Piper


According to the latest UK Job Market Report from salaries in London have experienced their highest annual decline and are now 4.1% lower than the previous year.

With an employment rate standing at 74.6%, the highest in 46 years, one can only presume it is Brexit applying the pressure to salaries.

Here at Certus Recruitment, our core market of Sales Recruitment is experiencing all the pressures of high employment, in a candidate led market, where salaries are on the rise. From Graduate Sales through to VP and Executive Level openings, we continue to see competition amongst Hiring Managers and both salaries and benefits are rising accordingly.

With no immediate downside expected across all B2B sales markets, we expect competition to heat up, placing further pressure on employers to deliver greater and more flexible packages to lure new hires.

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