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Sales interview guide for graduates. Part VI

Posted by: Daniel Robinson

The previous weeks we started talking about the Sales Interview Process for Graduates and we went through the "Interview Basics - Part I" , the "Questions to consider before your interview - Part II ,  Part III ,  Part IV and Part V"

At some point during the interview process you may be asked to demonstrate your knowledge of the sales process.

The basics can be summarised as:

  • Effective Questioning
  • Confirmation/Summary
  • Pitch
  • Close

For the purpose of demonstration, we refer to an example of ways in which you could sell a pen ("sell me a pen" is the most often used question during an interview process). Click here to read the article about 'Effective Questioning' and 'Confirmation / Summary'


This stage is simply matching all the relevant information you have collected in the initial stages so you can sell them the product/service they require. Essentially, all you need to do is describe the features of your product that meet the requirements of your client, which you now know from your questioning!
Example; “Bob, let me show you one of our pens. As you can see it is a metal fountain pen made by Parker. It carries the large cartridge so you do not need to replace it regularly. You can select you preferred ink colour and it costs £28.99”


The final stage is the "close". This is ultimately the most important stage because no close = no sale! The close is asking for the sale. It may also involve overcoming any final objections or concerns about your product/service.
The close does not need to be complicated and in the case of the pen, having completed the above pitch, it may be as simple as “so Bob, can I complete the order for you” or “so Bob we‟ve established this meets all your needs. How many would you like to purchase?”






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