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The Art of ‘Not’ Cold Calling

Posted by: Justin Byrne


Back in the 1800's when I first started in sales, a cold call was a cold call. It was cold because the chances were you'd found a company's details in the yellow pages (which, for the iPod generation is a pre-internet, big paper book that listed phone numbers) and the only way you could find out anything about them was to call and speak with them. Back then, it wasn't unusual to have to make 200 calls just to talk with someone who knew anything about anything.

But come on now. In the age of LinkedIn and Twitter and Facebook and all the others, do you really need to make a cold call? There is so much information available to today's sales professional that there is no excuse not to be fully prepared for every discussion. The 200 calls should be replaced with 15-20 highly targeted and well researched conversations that give you the opportunity to demonstrate your market knowledge and expertise.
They should be interesting and fun and if you profess to be a sales professional you should love it.

So the next time you hear someone discussing the fact that they 'have to do cold calling', what they really mean is "I think I'm probably in the wrong job 'cause I don't like developing new business"!

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