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The Importance of Bringing Graduates Into Your Sales Team

Posted by: Megan Speet

It is no secret that a great sales team is made up of a good mix of experienced professionals and energetic first time jobbers. A 2015 report led by Accenture showed that top UK companies increased their graduate recruitment by 4.3% within the space of a year.

It is evident that organisations have realised the profit in hiring fresh graduates, but what benefits can graduates offer your sales team and how do you bring in outstanding graduates with bags of sales potential?

The benefits of hiring graduates
Graduates show an eagerness that may lack in more senior professionals and while more fixed sales people might be discouraged from making a cold call or finding new leads, an enthusiastic graduate will approach the task with more interest and energy. Furthermore, good training and support from a team leader will result in harnessing this growing potential into valuable skills.

Reports have shown that graduates are more innovative, energetic and motivated to enter fast paced environments than non-graduates, moreover they show a willingness to tackle what more senior professionals consider to be tedious tasks.

How to attract the right graduates
While there is a large pool of graduates leaving university every year, not all of them will be the right fit for a sales role. The ideal sales candidate will be a graduate who can build rapport, is confident, competitive and inquisitive but, how do you attract these candidates?

Like any other sales professional, the right graduate is attracted by both earning potential and career progression. By offering a competitive salary and commission structure, as well as clear training and a progression path that shows your interest in their career; they will show the same level of interest in your company. These are important factors for a graduate choosing what company to work for; over 60% of 2016 graduates reported that company culture along side a full training program was at the top of their priority list when making career decisions.

By creating an energetic and motivated work space as well as investing in a training program you will attract top performing graduates, who will become a successful team of sales professionals.

Hiring great graduates proves to be an advantageous decision, finding these graduate can be an extensive and time consuming process. We, at Certus Recruitment, specialise in placing sales driven graduates in fast-paced environments, so give us a call.

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