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The world of weird and wonderful staff benefits

Posted by: Jemma Puzey


Apparently 95% of Americans consider a job’s perks and benefits before deciding to either stay in a position or accept an offer. I am sure the same can be said over here in the UK.

Being able to attract top talent with just a higher salary is becoming a thing of the past. So to overcome this, business leaders are creating unique perks to differentiate themselves from other companies.

A great company culture with like minded co-workers can be rewarding but these additional unique perks can attract both prospective employees and go a long way towards retaining your existing ones whilst keeping high levels of motivation and engagement at the same time.

So here is a list of just a few weird and wonderful perks that some companies offer:

Google UK offers free breakfasts, lunches and snacks as well as access to the Google gym and fitness classes. Most employees also get the choice of a Mac book, Chrome book or Windows laptop and some are also supplied with Google’s latest phones and tablets.

Skype London offers flexible working hours as well as swanky offices and good health care and pension plans.

PwC understands that recent grads struggle to pay off their student debt, so they offer their employees $1,200 a year towards it.

You knew that Facebook was going to be one of the companies on the list here... Not surprisingly it offers some incredible perks for parents and parents-to-be. New mums and dads get four months of paid parental leave, plus reimbursement for child care and adoption fees – essentially the equivalent of $4,000 in ‘baby cash’ after their child is born!

Another huge American company, Netflix, have their head quarters in California and have ‘no official work hours’ meaning that their holiday and working hours aren’t tracked. According to Netflix, as long as their employees get the work done it doesn’t matter what time they are in or out of the office. However, abuse the policy and you’re straight out the door!

America is definitely in the lead with the most unusual perks with one of the most unique including a “luggage party”. Freeborn and Peters is a law firm that has introduced a “luggage party.” Every employee is eligible, and each associate that wants to be part of the draw brings in a packed bag on the day of the party. Four names are drawn, and the winners are whisked away by a limo to the airport for all-expenses paid weekend trip to Las Vegas.

People also love a break from work and when you work hard it’s nice that an employer will let you play hard too. Glassdoor and Virgin Group offer unlimited time off. A review from one Glassdoor employee states if they have to work from home for whatever reason or they need to take a day off , the company is flexible as long as you’re getting your work done and not abusing the policy.

Boston-based Metis Communications caps employees paid time off, but the amount of time off is generous. On top of the standard three weeks of holiday they offer four weeks if you’ve been their four years or more, birthdays off, bonus vacation weeks and after five years of employment, summer Friday vacation days!

Sometimes a good salary just isn’t enough. To attract top talent more and more companies are going the extra mile to impress and as shown above, the perks are wide ranging. Many workers will be attracted to the perks and even take a lower salary to enjoy them. It is important in this day and age, where we are all so busy, to provide employees with benefits that encourage a better lifestyle. Candidates applying for jobs can also be put off by a company’s lack of benefits and the failure to acknowledge that they’re a huge impact on general morale.

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