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Twitter turns 10 today! Happy Tweet-Day!

Posted by: Lorna Blackmore

It’s the 21st March 2006 – 12.50pm.

Jack Dorsey, an American programmer and entrepreneur, sends the first ever tweet saying “just setting up my twttr”
Six months later, the group formed by Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noha Glass, buys the domain from a bird-watching website.
In August 2007, Tech expert Chris Messina suggests using the # symbol to indicate group events – the hashtag is born! In 2016 Twitter's base of monthly active users stands at 320 million!


Many Twitter users (companies and recruitment agencies) see it primarily as a tool to market themselves, rather than a way to link with a vast pool of untapped candidates.
Twitter, without a doubt, is a great job hunting tool providing some brilliant information and links to blogs and websites.


One of my favourite Twitter stories is that of one of our best candidates from the last year at Certus.He told us he had just embraced LinkedIn but was persistent that Twitter could add little value to his career search. After a bit of researching on Google, he came across Certus Recruitment Group Twitter account and right at that moment a role was posted in his chosen field.He applied for the position, went through the selection process and has now been part of the business for nearly 12 months.

“I believe that the slow development of Twitter as a recruitment or job hunting tool in the UK, is maybe down to the media image of it as a gossip tool and as a consequence, job seekers are not getting its benefits and neither are employers. But this is changing.” Says Alessia DoriMarketing Manager at Certus Recruitment Group.

So if you’re a jobseeker reading this, open a Twitter account today and follow Certus Recruitment Group (@CertusSales) and sooner or later you could spot that dream opportunity!



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