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Why December is the perfect time to job hunt.

Posted by: Tom Morris


There is a myth that December is a dead month for job hunting.

But succumbing to this belief actually puts you at a major disadvantage, with 94% of employers recommending continuing your job search throughout the holiday month.

See below for 7 myth busting reasons to continue your job search during the festive season:

1. Less competition. With your rivals winding down and slacking off for the holidays, there are fewer candidates competing for positions so it is easier to stand out from the crowd and get ahead of the game. Further, December is often a frustrating month for recruiters as many candidates take a break, and because recruiters are measured on time to hire, if they have an opening it needs to be filled sooner rather than later.

2. Networking opportunities. With so many events and parties happening throughout the festive period, it is a great time to make some new connections. Industry and community events around this time provide excellent opportunities to mingle and make valuable contacts. Alternatively, if you have a friend working at a company you’re interested in see if you can attend their Christmas party to meet their boss and colleagues. However, remember that you are there in professional capacity so watch your alcohol intake and dress appropriately.

3. Re-connection opportunities. Send cards to get back in touch with old colleagues or managers you would like to work for. Don’t mention your job search directly, but do include your contact details and a message about catching up after the holidays. This sets a precedent for contacting them in the New Year.

4. Holiday cheer. People generally tend to be in a better mood during the festive period, plus work loads often ease off meaning that people have more time to speak to you. This time of year, people are often at their most gracious and charitable. Additionally, Executives tend to travel less during the holidays meaning that you are more likely to get time in their diary to meet.

5. You've built up momentum. It can take time to tidy up your CV, decide what direction you want to go in and generally get into the job hunting groove. Getting into the right mindset in December means that you’re ahead of your competition who are just starting to pull their CV from the depths of their inbox in January. Your commitment to the cause during all the merriments of December will also make your stand out to employers who will be impressed with your diligence and this will likely mean you’re at the top of their list come January.

6. Better timing for budgets. Many companies have a “use it or lose it” policy for budgets, meaning that they might hire people in December to prepare for January when budgets are often reset and may be smaller.

7. More vacancies. People often wait until the end of the year to receive bonuses before handing in their resignation. Employers are then left looking to fill the vacancies urgently to avoid starting the New Year in recruitment chaos. Employers can find it difficult to fill the openings during December because of the lack of candidates which means that they sometimes fill the vacancies with more urgency and perhaps a little less caution or process than other times of the year.

Hiring tends to only drop off because candidates believe it is the wrong month to job hunt. In reality, there are plenty of reasons to continue your search, so what are you waiting for? Get in touch today.

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