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Why it’s business critical to hire at the end of a year.

Posted by: Sam Wheeler


So, you’re looking forward to winding down, getting excited about the Christmas party and you’re starting to think about what gifts you might get this year...Your 2018 hiring strategy couldn’t be further from your mind.

However, choosing to hold off on your hiring strategy throughout the last quarter of the year, and more importantly during the festive period, could be detrimental to your next year performance.

I get it, you choose January, a new year, a fresh start and newfound enthusiasm to once again begin the recruiting process.

BUT have you ever considered the bigger impact that this delay and approach is having?

Industry leaders hire in quarter 4 because quite frankly, it makes sense.

Hire, embed and get an employee up to speed in the last couple of months of a business year so that they hit the ground running at the start of the following business year.

Research has shown that hires starting in quarters 1 -3 are often slow to make an impact and tend to be trickery to integrate.

Hiring at the end of the year means that you get the full value of the employee come January.

Your new employee will come into the following year, confident about the team, your business and their ability to be successful. And so will you, because you have already hired your team, got them settled and can get off to a flying start in 2018 before your competitors have even rolled out of bed on January 2nd .

With all that ticked off, you can have a proper break over the festive period and be excited about the arrival of 2018.

It makes sense; don’t slow your hiring in quarter 4 – instead speed it up!

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