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Why your employees are the best ambassadors for your brand.

Posted by: Justin Byrne


Most companies have a well-thought out and defined marketing strategy implemented by paid experts. But recently, many businesses have begun to recognise the marketing potential lying within their employees who have the ability to turn the company into a living, breathing brand.

This doesn’t mean you should fire your marketing department and put a stop on your advertising budget. But harnessing this potential is a great way to enhance your marketing and PR strategy while increasing employee engagement at the same time.

Consumers have been steadily losing trust in companies and with an increase in readily available information customers are becoming much more empowered. Now, they want to hear experiences from real people.  Growing numbers of rating sites such as Trustpilot, Tripadvisor and Glassdoor are thriving and aim to supply a “real-life” perspective; and this is exactly what your employees can provide.

So, how do you create brand ambassadors?

Firstly, select employees who are passionate about your company with a strong belief in what it provides; regardless of their position. Pick people who are fully invested and are keen to take the company up a level.

Now, treat your employees as “owners” of the brand. This allows their emotional connection to become not only stronger, but part of their identity and vice versa. You can do this by getting to know the employee and their values, strengths and ambitions. Armed with this information help your employee to build their own brand persona, and by this I mean the way in which the employee wants to be known within their network.

Next, give your employees the opportunity to represent the company effectively whilst using their own voice. A great way to do this is by teaching the art of storytelling; provide guidelines, but don’t provide a script. Employees personally vouching for the product or service will help to confirm it, especially if they are outside of the sales and marketing teams, as this will come across as more authentic with less to gain personally from the endorsement.

On top of this, show your ambassadors how to make and maintain connections internally and externally. This way, employees and the company are connecting with potential business and your customers are gaining insider information from a human source which they are more likely trust.

Finally, don’t just encourage your employees to merely like and share content that your marketing team has provided; give your ambassadors their own project which showcases their knowledge, skills, passions and talents for everything company related. Create opportunities for employees to have more involvement in marketing campaigns, showcasing a new product or internal recruitment.

Your employees are able to build relationships that a “faceless company” just can’t. People want to connect with people and are much more inclined to follow and interact with an individual’s social media pages than a company’s. So get your employees participating in building your brand.

Creating employees who are engaging and inspiring, proud and able to delight customers with their work and confidence in it, will entice and encourage your customers, who will then come back for more. These engaged ambassadors will be the frontline warriors for your company brand, bringing it to life.

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