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Your 60 Second Update

Posted by: Megan Troster


Theresa May attends her first EU summit since Brexit. May made sure that all eyes were on Britain this week by insisting that the country will still remain at the centre of European decision making until Brexit takes place. There were stark warnings from Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande that Britain Faces a rough time ahead with hard negotiations, one of which is the clampdown on immigration. Manfield Weber is calling for Boris Johnson to resign as he stated in a telegraph column that he was convinced the European Union was a good thing but yet had campaigned against it. (Source - Guardian)

The Donald Trump V Hilary Clinton saga continues. The campaign turned even more sour this week Trump was booed (again) at the Annual Smith charity dinner in New York. During his speech he claimed that Hilary was corrupt; "This is the first time that Hilary is sitting down and speaking to major corporate donors and not getting paid for it, in fact she is co corrupt she got kicked off the Watergate commission." The former secretary of state hit back by honing in on his controversial behaviour towards women. Hilary remained in the lead in the running towards Wednesday’s third and final debate in Las Vegas, where she still came out on top however Trump claims that he is far from finished with the "Nasty woman". (Source – Guardian)

Apple accuses of selling fake products. The claim relates to items sold via Amazon's "fulfilment" scheme, whereby third parties list their goods on the retail giant's site, store their inventory in its warehouses and rely on it for deliveries. Apple is claiming that some of these counterfeit products are potentially life threatening. However Apple has started legal proceedings against the vendor, Mobile Star LLC instead of Amazon directly. Apple said it had bought "well over" 100 iPhone devices, own-brand power adapters and charging cables, and had found almost 90% of them were fakes. "Unlike genuine Apple products, they are not subjected to industry-standard consumer safety testing and are poorly constructed with inferior or missing components, flawed design and inadequate electrical insulation," it said. (Source BBC)

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