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Your 60 Second Update

Posted by: Ian Piper

NHS named as one of the best, safest and most affordable healthcare systems out of 11 countries. The study is undertaken every two years by experts from the influential Commonwealth Fund Health Thinktank, and it is the second time in a row the UK has been voted the highest rated health system. Despite the longest budget squeeze in its 69-year history, combined with serious understaffing and reconstruction of the service in 2013, the NHS continues to hold the top spot. The system is assessed against 11 sets of criteria which are designed to measure the effectiveness of different healthcare systems. The UK stood out as the top performer in most categories except for healthcare outcomes, where it ranks near the bottom of the scale alongside the US. (Source – The Guardian)

Corrosive substances thrown in people’s faces in 5 attacks across north-east London last night. A teenager has been arrested following the incidents that were carried out over 90 minutes in Hackney, Stoke Newington and Islington. It was reported that two men on mopeds were carrying out the assaults and the victims have been left with life changing injuries. Since 2010 there have been more than 1,800 reports of acid attacks involving corrosive fluids in the capital. Last year, it was used in 458 crimes, compared to 261 in 2015 according to Met Police figures. The figure is a growing trend and its concerning to say the least. Acid attacks cause horrendous injuries and last nights attacks were linked to a series of robberies. Met commissioner Cressida Dick stresses that although numbers of these types of attacks are on the rise, the police are enforcing the law and arrests are being made. (Source – BBC)

Gender neutral announcements at London underground stations. TfL workers will now use phrases such as “good afternoon everyone” as the city takes steps to become more gender-neutral. All new pre-recorded announcements are set to be changed, and staff are being told to no longer say “ladies and gentleman.” Mark Evans, Director of Customer Strategy at TfL said we want everyone to feel welcome, and from now on will make sure that it is fully inclusive, reflecting the great diversity of London. (Source- Metro)

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