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Enhanced immigration checks across Europe. BA and Ryanair have asked travellers to arrive earlier than usual as it is expecting longer queues for customers flying back form popular locations such as Lyon, Madrid, Barcelona and Milan. A spokesperson for Airlines Europe has told the BBC that governments in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Belgium have underestimated the situation and have not provided sufficient amount of border control officers. Delays are expected in airports such as Majorca, Malaga, Lisbon, Lyon, Brussels, Milan and Paris-Orly. Easyjet also advised passengers to check the latest travel information and to allow extra time as an extra precaution. The European Commission said that delays were ‘the price of security.’ and rule changes have been brought in after recent terror attacks. Passport-free movement across much of the EU face more security checks and under new measures, details of passengers form non-Schengen countries, such as the UK, are run through data bases to alert authorities. The regulations have not been fully implemented across all member states, which may lead to even more disruption. The member states have until 7th October to put the new rules in place. (Source – BBC)

Donald Trump has sought to rally thousands of his supporters against the investigation into his campaigns alleged collusion with Russia. Trump addressed supporters with ‘They’re trying to cheat you out of the leadership with a fake story.’ This effort could mean the White House beginning to realise the full extent of the situation. Mueller, appointed special counsel in May, following the dismissal of FBI Director James Comey has recruited investigators with experience in international bribery, organised crime and financial fraud. It has been revealed that Mueller plans to use a grand jury in Washington. The use of such a jury suggests that Mueller and his team are likely to involve witnesses and demand documents in the coming weeks and months. Trump held this rally in his popular base Huntington, where he beat Democrat Hilary Clinton by 42 percentage points, he stated ‘Most people know there were no Russians in our campaign; there never were, it was all you.’ The scandal continues to unfold. (Source – The Guardian)

Residents and survivors of Grenfell Tower fire are confident that they have done all they can to contribute to public inquiry. Today is the last day that those affected by the fire can submit the questions they want answered. Residents also want the criminal investigation to take priority. The community have insisted that the questions will be endless and more than 200 people have submitted written responses so far. Sir Martin Moore-Bick the retired judge reviewing the case has insisted he will do the best he can but residents are worried that they wont get all the answers they want from him and his team. Last week the police announced they have reasonable grounds to suspect Kensington and Chelsea council and the organisation that managed the tower block of committing corporate manslaughter. This could lead to the inquiry’s being suspended if charges are being brought in the criminal investigation. (Source –Sky News)

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