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Your 60 Second Update

Posted by: Megan Speet


More devastating terror attacks in Barcelona and town of Cambrils. Spanish police have shot dead five suspected terrorists in a second vehicle attack today. The attack in Barcelona which happened yesterday claimed the lives of 13 innocent people and injured many more. A rented van was driven down Las Ramblas a central boulevard that runs 1.2km through the centre of Barcelona from the city’s Catalonia Square to the Christopher Columbus monument at the seafront. It is Popular with tourists. The van deliberately targeted people, weaving from side to side and the driver fled one foot. The five men shot by police are said to be a direct link with the Barcelona attack, however police are still hunting the man who drove a van into crowds on Las Ramblas. PM Mariano Rajoy has announced three days of national mourning and a minutes silence will be held later today. The news on Cambrils suggests that seven people including a police officer were wounded when a car was driven into them early on Friday morning. The attackers’ vehicle overturned and when the men got out they were quickly fired upon by police. According to police the men were brandishing knives and wearing explosive belts and a series of controlled explosions were carried out.  It was later confirmed that the belts were fake. The situation in Cambrils a seaside resort 68 miles from Barcelona is now under control.  Authorities are bracing themselves for the possibility of further attacks. (Source – BBC)   


Leaving the European Union without a deal in place would not spell disaster for the UK economy. Despite repeated warnings that leaving without an agreement would hurt British companies and consumers the report from the Institute of Economic affairs, published on Friday, says the UK could remove all import barriers to achieve lower prices for consumers, increased productivity and higher wages.

 A separate report from the Institute for Government, which seeks to promote a more effective government, said that failure to strike a deal would put the UK at risk and would maximise disruption. Britain should now resort to the World Trade Organisation rules for its relationship with Europe going forward; if a bad deal is offered. It would then be up to Brussels if it wanted to impose tariffs on British imports, which thinktank said would hurt EU consumers. British consumers could benefit from the removal of all tariffs because the UK would be able to then import goods at lower prices from countries on which the EU imposes high tariffs, a given example are oranges in South Africa. Such tariffs protect livelihoods of domestic producers, although 92% of the UK workers are employed in sectors that do not benefit from such measures, according to the report. The removal of tariffs could also result in job losses for the 8% of British workers in protected sectors such as farming; the IEA said new roles could be created to offset these losses. (Source – The Guardian)

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