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Your 60 Second Update

Posted by: Megan Troster


May announces UK “on course to deliver on Brexit”. Despite an embarrassing loss this week in parliament with the vote on the EU Withdrawal Bill, the Prime Minster is remaining positive. Although she said she was “disappointed” by the vote, May declared that the legalisation was still making “good progress”. Tory rebels and other party members teamed up to back an amendment that gives MPs a legal guarantee of a vote on the final Brexit deal struck with Brussels. May lost the vote by just 4, with 309 backing the amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill to 305. There has been much speculation that Mrs May will need to make further compromises to win over the rebels in her party, however the prime minister has stated “we’ve actually had 36 votes on the EU Withdrawal Bill, and we have won 35 of those votes with an average majority of 22.”Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn described the result as a “humiliating loss of authority” for the PM and warned that his party would vote against other parts of the bill, including putting a fixed Brexit date into law. The vote will not derail Brexit, however MPs who voted remain are hoping it will allow them a bigger say in the final deal. (Source – BBC)

British military chief warns Russia could cut internet to NATO countries. Air Chief Marshall Sir Stuart Peach has said that Russian ships have been spotted close to Atlantic cables that carry communications between Europe and the US. Peach believes that Russia could pose a major threat to the UK and other NATO nations, and that the country continues to develop unconventional warfare. Peach declared “there is a new risk to our prosperity and way of life, to the cables that crisscross our sea bed, disruption to which through cable-cuts or destruction would immediately – and catastrophically – fracture both international trade and the internet.” Peach’s warning arrived after thinktank Policy Exchange, reported that 97% of global communication and $10 trillion of financial transactions were transmitted through such cables every day. Conservation MP Rishi Sunak, who wrote the report, cited US intelligence about Russian submarines “aggressively operating” near Atlantic cables. He referenced Russia’s move of cutting cables during their take over of Crimea in 2013. NATO countries, including the UK, have been warning of the threat imposed by Russia since the Crimea invasion. Although a full-scale invasion of eastern Europe is unlikely, Russian leader Valdimir Putin has constantly sought to reassert Russia’s place in the world by engaging in conventional military action in Syria, and has been accused of hybrid warfare including cyberwarefare, aimed at destabilising NATO. (Source – The Guardian)

Number of homeless families on the rise this Christmas. A government report has shown that the number of households in temporary accommodation has increased by 65% since 2010. This is also a rise of 2% in the same quarter last year. Of the 79,190 households in temporary accommodation 61,090 included dependent children or those expecting children. Chief Executive of homeless charity Crisis, Jon Sparkes, has said “knowing that nearly 80,000 households will find themselves homeless and living in temporary accommodation this Christmas is nothing short of a tragedy.” He continued “temporary accommodation is often cramped, unsuitable and sometimes even dangerous, and no place for anyone to call home.” (Source – The Independent)

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