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Your 60 Second Update

Posted by: Jemma Puzey


Trump denounces nuclear arms treaty. In a phone call this week Trump has told Vladimir Putin he does not want to renew a 2010 arms control treaty. The treaty was put in place to limit the number of strategic nuclear weapons the US and Russia can deploy. Apparently the new US President had to pause the call to find out what the treaty was... Alternative reports suggest otherwise and state that the pause was because the President wanted to solicit the views of his aides. The phone call began as a friendly exchange but when Putin brought up two issues, Trump lost his temper. Trump suffered the biggest defeat in his short presidency so far as a court refused to reinstate his executive order banning refugees and restricting travel to the United States for seven Muslim majority countries. Donald Trump tweeted in response (might I add, all in caps) See you in court, the security of our nation is at stake... (Source Guardian & Times)

Pimlico Plumbers loses court appeal over the employment status of one of its workers. Gary Smith was a self employed plumber for the Charlie Mullins owned company for 6 years and in 2010, after suffering a heart attack, he tried to reduce his hours to just 3 days instead of 5. The firm refused his request and also took back the Pimlico Plumbers van that Smith had hired. Smith was found in an employee tribunal to be classed as a worker so therefore entitling him to basic workers’ rights. A similar case happened last year which involved Uber drivers. The court in this case afforded workers’ rights. Union leader Maria Ludkin called this a monumental victory at the time as there is a loophole around hiring ‘self employed’ staff which allows employers to avoid employment rights, sick pay and minimum wages for their staff. Another ongoing similar case involves Deliveroo workers who are using the same lawyers which secured victory in the Uber case. (Source –City A.M)

NHS comes under fire yet again. A BBC NHS week revealed that waiting times for routine operations has risen by 163% in 4 years; that 9 in 10 hospitals have had unsafe number of patients in their wards this winter; record numbers of patients have waited more than 4 hours for A&E care; and that many patients are left stranded in hospital for months because no community care can be found for them. Sir Robert Francis said the financial pressures alongside high demand had created an environment in which this was “inevitable” and that the health service was "manifestly failing" to keep pace with demand. However Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has described the problems the NHS as “completely unacceptable” and that there was “no excuse” for some of the difficulties highlighted by the BBC’s NHS week and that government currently had a plan to help hospitals cope with demand. (Source: BBC)

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