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Trump to be briefed on allegations surrounding Russia’s meddling into the US presidential election. Current US Vice- President Joe Biden has told Trump to ‘grow up’ in the wake of criticism towards the USA’s intelligence community, he also said that for a president not to have complete confidence in the CIA or defence intelligence is absolutely mindless. According to Washington Post and NBC News citing intelligence sources, agencies had intercepted communications in the aftermath of the election showing senior Russian government officials celebrating Trump’s win. Russia of course denies the hacking claims which are alleged to have helped Trump beat Clinton. Joe Biden has also stated that the Russians did as a matter of policy, attempt to affect and discredit the US electoral process in a campaign to undermine Mrs Clinton. The unclassified version of the report will be made public next week. (Source – BBC.)

Scientists confirm a link between dementia and living near heavy traffic. A study which tracked 6.6million of us estimated that 1 in 10 cases of people living with Alzheimer’s, those living by busy roads were 12% more likely to be diagnosed with dementia. High air pollution levels caused by heavy traffic could be damaging our health more than you think. Although associated, this research stopped short of showing that exposure to exhaust fumes cause neuro-degeneration. Scientists have also made the link between air pollution and traffic noise to reduced density of white matter (the connective tissue in the brain) and that it lowers cognitive development in primary school children. A further suggestion cites that magnetic nano particles from such pollution can make their way into brain tissue; a scary thought. (Source – The Guardian.)

Number of new cars sold in the UK hit an all time high in 2016. 2.69 million cars were registered last year, a 2% increase from the previous year. Low interest finance deals combined with launches of new models is the cause of the increase. However the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) has said that this year is unlikely to set another record as sales are in fact expected to fall by 5-6% and this fall would not represent a collapse as sales are still incredibly high. The UK new car market is described as one of the most diverse in the world with some 44 brands offering nearly 400 different model types. (Source - BBC .)

Britons borrowed money at the fastest rate in more than 11 years in December 2016. This statistic has led to economists warning that the spurge is unsustainable and that it could fuel another debt bubble if there is not a slowdown this year. Credit card debts hit a record high last month as Britons used plastic to fund shopping more than ever before. According to The Bank of England figures, credit card companies have offered shoppers 0% interest rates for periods of several years. British house holds have £66.2billion of credit card debt outstanding, a level rose by £571 million in the month. Gross card use in the month hit £15.9bn, also a record high. Overall, total credit card debt has risen by £1.4 billion. (Source - Telegraph.)

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