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Your 60 Second Update

Posted by: Tom Morris


The newest form of legal high ‘Spice’ is on the rise. Users of ‘Spice’ become similar to ‘zombies’ and the drug has been linked to strokes as well as increased heart rate and kidney failure. Particularly in Manchester, the use of the drug amongst the homeless is rife and can cost as little as £2. Spice has been described as an epidemic in prisons, as it can go undetected because when smoked it doesn’t let off a strong smell. The drug is also known as ‘fake weed’ and has confused users who have unwittingly smoked spice thinking it was cannabis. One paramedic in Manchester reported having been called to 26 incidents involving the drug in a single day. The use of the drug has spread to other cities around the UK including London, Birmingham and Liverpool. It was banned in the UK in 2010 but manufacturers began making tweaks to the ingredients so it complied with legal high rules. It was made illegal in May last year but before the ban came into force, the drug had become widespread. It is highly addictive and the homeless have said it is worse than heroine or crack cocaine. One report suggests that more than 6 out of 10 UK prisoners are reliant on Spice, and 9 out of 10 homeless people in Manchester are hooked. So far no one in the UK has died from it, but the warning signs are clear. (Source – Express)

Theresa May holds back from triggering Article 50. After much debate, the bill for authorising the prime minister to invoke Article 50 has been made law this week. Mrs May hailed the bill’s passage into law as a ‘defining moment for our whole country.’ However Downing Street said that it would happen in the week of March 27th. It seems that her original plans were upset by Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon who chose to also announce on the March 13th this week that her government would ask for a second independence referendum and stated that Brexit was the ‘material change’ to justify her demand, attacking Theresa May for choosing to pursue such a hard Brexit which will take Britain out of the EU’s single market, when the majority of Scots voted to stay in the EU last June. (Source – The Economist)

British Intelligence officials have denied allegations that the UK helped former President Barack Obama ‘wiretap’ Donald Trump during the 2016 election. The claim was repeated by Sean Spicer on Thursday and dismissed as ‘ridiculous and should be ignored’ by a GCHQ spokesperson. Andrew Napolitano, media commentator judge for Fox News’ claimed that during an interview on the network, three intelligence sources confirmed that the Obama administration used GCHQ to spy on Trump so that ‘no American fingerprints’ would be found. Tim Farron, leader of the Liberal Democrats and the junior partner in the last British coalition government, said that Trump was ‘compromising the vital UK-US security relationship by trying to cover up his own embarrassment.’ The president finds himself increasingly alone in his defence of his wiretapping claims, as there is simply no evidence to support the accusation. (Source – The guardian)

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