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London Terror Attack. News around the world has been dominated by the events that happened on Thursday afternoon and it continues do so as details of the terrorist attack unfold in what is described as a despicable attack. Khalid Masood mowed down pedestrians on London Bridge before crashing his car into railings outside parliament and in an attempt to gain access, he fatally stabbed an unarmed on duty officer and then shot himself by the surrounding on guard police officers. Last night Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey joined Home Secretary Amber Rudd and London Mayor Sadiq Khan, as hundreds of people joined together at Trafalgar Square to remember those that lost their lives and others who were injured, some still in life threatening conditions at the nearby St James’s hospital. So far ten people have been arrested, and nine questioned by police in connection with the attack. Three women and five men were held in London and Birmingham on suspicion of preparation of terrorist attacks. Detectives have seized two thousand seven hundred items within the five addresses which includes ‘massive amounts of data.’ (Source-BBC)

Statutory Maternity Pay in the UK is among the worst in Europe. The trade union body defines decently paid as two-thirds of a woman’s salary or more than £840 a month. Trade Union Congress (TUC) argues that statutory maternity pay should be at least as much as the minimum wage so mothers do not have to return to work prematurely. The government has said that the UK’s system was one of the most generous and that most mothers could take up to 39 weeks of guaranteed pay, which they argue, beats the EU minimum requirement of 14 weeks. Frances O’Grady, general secretary of the TUC, has said that the UK is in the relegation zone when it comes to decently paid maternity leave. Many European countries offer decent support to new mothers, but lots are forced to go back to work early to pay bills. Analysis of this is based on research by the leave network, who specifically investigates leave policies in depth. Although the UK has a longer period, the pay is low and drops off very quickly, employers can then claim this back from the government. The UK comes 22nd out of 24! Croatia comes at the top with 6 months full pay, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic follow behind with 4 months, Estonia, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Denmark and France offer than 3 months. (Source – BBC)

Brexit “a failure and a tragedy” for the EU says Juncker. The EU leader has made the comments on the eve of the EU’s 60th anniversary in Rome this weekend, held to mark the signing of the Treaty of Rome in 1957. The celebrations will include a formal signing of a new declaration amongst the remaining 27 members, proclaiming that the EU is “undivided and indivisible”. However, the anniversary is marred by deep divisions amongst EU members, with Poland and Greece threatening to refuse to sign the declaration unless given concessions on certain issues. Further, Juncker has admitted that the EU is “not in the best form or shape we could be” after recognising the fundamental internal disagreements between the members over immigration, multi culturalisim and the sustainability of the euro. (Source: The Telegraph)

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