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Your 60 Second Update

Posted by: Megan Speet


Britain has finally triggered Article 50. There is no turning back now and the moment will go down in British history, said PM Theresa May. The formal process that will trigger the two year exit happened when Britain handed the letter to a sombre-looking EU Council President Donald Tusk, who described the day as ‘not a happy one.’ In the letter May had stated that failure to reach a trade deal within the two-year time frame could weaken cooperation in the fight against crime and terrorism. Home Secretary Amber Rudd said the UK could end intelligence-sharing with Europol, the EU policing agency, if there was no agreement. Downing Street insisted these comments were not meant as a threat to EU negotiators and more likely a ‘simple fact,’ that the existing arrangements would lapse if Britain left the EU without a deal. Opposition MP’s accused May of jeopardising public safety by attempting to use security co-operation as a bargaining chip in forthcoming negotiations. At a press conference in Brussels, Donald Tusk held up Mrs May’s letter saying ‘we miss you already.’  Theresa May said that while the UK would remain the ‘best friend and neighbour’ to its EU partners, we will look forward with optimism and hope and believe in the enduring power of the British spirit. (Source - BBC)

Thousands pay tribute on Westminster Bridge after terror attack.  Last week the Metro reported on Muslim women joining a vigil to condemn the Westminster attack. Muslim men, women, Christians, Jews, atheists, police officers, adults and children, rabbis, pastors and anyone else in London who wanted to join, did so earlier this week in a moving tribute. It was exactly one week since the attack took place and thousands gathered on the spot where it happened to pay their respects. Photographs have been powerful images, showing that as a community we are not divided. Vigils were held across the country to coincide with the Westminster event. (Source  -Metro)

Fashion chain Topshop to lose it’s Managing Director to the White Company. Mary Homer has worked for Sir Philip Green’s group Arcadia for 30 years and has been MD for 11 of them, helping to catapult the retailer into a global brand that has consistently managed to lead fashion on the high street. Under her leadership the retailer now operates 620 shops and franchises in more than 40 countries. Homer has said that the decision was amicable, but in light of this other key staff have also left the green empire recently at Burtons, Miss Selfridge Topshop and Topman.  Adding that although this move will have an ‘impact’ on Topshop, she has stated that the remaining senior management team are experienced and well established and should use this opportunity to bring in new ideas such as  a greater emphasis on e-commerce. Green has been in the spotlight recently himself due to the collapse and overall mishandling of BHS, he has since now agreed to pay the pension’s regulator £363 million.  (Source- BBC)

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