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A universal blood test for cancer. Scientists have taken a huge step in medicine by trialling a method that could enable them to detect eight common forms of the disease. The team at Johns Hopkins University had a vision of an annual test designed to catch cancer early and save lives. UK experts are enormously excited, but more work is needed to test the effectiveness at detecting early stage cancers. The CancerSEEK test looks for mutations in 16 genes, these mutations are released in tiny traces from tumours. So far it has been trialled on 1,005 patients with cancers in the ovary, liver, stomach, pancreas, oesophagus, colon, lung or breast that had not yet spread to other tissues. Overall the test found 70% of the cancers, Dr Cristian Tomasetti from Johns Hopkins University said that ‘early detection is critical and the impact this could have on cancer mortality is enormous as the earlier cancer is found, the greater the chance of being able to treat it’ Five of the eight cancers investigated currently have no screening programmes for early detection. CancerSEEK is now being trialled in people who have not been diagnosed with cancer which will be the real test of its usefulness. (Source – BBC)


One of London’s best-love French restaurants to shut down in the wake of vote to leave the EU. The founders of Galvins Bistrot de Luxe in Baker Street, used on many occasions by us here at Certus have announced that with a ‘heavy heart’ are to close in February. It was opened in 2005 and since then has gone on to win many awards, known best for its classic French dishes. Brothers Chris and Jeff Galvin have faced a ‘perfect storm’ that was made worse by the EU referendum in 2016. They have stated ‘So many things got more difficult, rent and rates went up, and because of what happened to the pound – 20% of staff went back to Europe.’ In a joint statement the brothers went on to say that Galvins Bistrot de Luxe had been ahead of its time and now it was time to move on. (Source – The Evening Standard)


Boris Johnson discusses idea of bridge across channel as a way to enhance transport links after Brexit. The idea of a 22-mile bridge connecting France and Britain has been discussed between Johnson and French president Emmanuel Macron. Macron has previously said that it was ‘ridiculous’ that two of the world’s biggest economies are linked by the one single railway line. Reports say that he has responded positively with an agreement that a second link should be built. Johnson has previously promoted the idea of another Channel Tunnel but is now suggesting that a bridge could be possible. Ministers have since stated that there are no specific plans. This is just one of Johnson’s costly ideas, he once wanted to build an airport in the Thames estuary, calling it ‘Boris Island’ the idea was dismissed as impractical and costly in comparison to the expansion of Heathrow. He also backed the construction of the garden bridge across the Thames in west London which was ditched by his successor Sadiq Khan for not offering value for money. Is this too just another idea to boost his ego? (Source – The Guardian)

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