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Your 60 Second Weekly Update

Posted by: Megan Troster

1) Sadiq Khan increases lead in London Mayoral election

A host of elections are scheduled to be held in the UK on Thursday 5 May 2016, including the London Mayoral election, English council elections and various national assembly elections. Voters in the London Mayoral election can choose between frontrunners Sadiq Khan (Labour) and Zac Goldsmith (Conservative). New YouGov research for LBC Radio reveals Khan is on 31% up from 26% in November, bringing his lead up to seven from two in November. Zac Goldsmith (24%) is unchanged since November (Source: YouGov) 

2) England degree debt 'highest in English-speaking world'

University graduates in England face higher debts upon graduating than their peers in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the Sutton Trust says. The Social Mobility Charity says those who graduated from English universities last year - under the £9,000 fees regime - owed an average of £44,000. It says average debts in other English-speaking countries ranged between approximately £15,000 and £29,000. (Source: BBC News)

3) Super-fast broadband slows down in many UK urban areas

Tests on 42 towns and cities across the UK suggest almost half have average broadband speeds below 24Mbps. Hull, with an average of 12.4Mbps is the UK's slowest city, according to comparison site uSwitch, which conducted the tests. Government figures suggest superfast broadband - 24Mbps or higher - is now available to more than 90% of homes and businesses, with funding pledged to bring that total to 95% by 2017. According to BT, its fibre services are available to 24 million homes, but only 22% (5.5 million) have connected to them. (Source: Reuters)

4) All ATMs can be hijacked with malware

International software security group Kaspersky revealed that ATMs can be easily hacked and malware installed, meaning funds could be stolen, because the machines' outdated communication standard leaves them open to attack. “Many banks are still using old insecure models," Olga Kochetova, security expert at Kaspersky Lab’s Penetration Testing department said.
"This makes them unprepared for criminals actively challenging the security of these devices. This is today’s reality that causes banks and their customers huge financial losses." (Source: ITPRO)

5) Apple’s iPhone revenue plunges 13 per cent

Sales of Apple’s iPhone fell for the first time ever this quarter after nine years of sustained growth. It was forecasted that revenue this quarter will decline at its steepest rate in 15 years, signalling an end to its recent period of hyper growth. iPhone sales boomed last year after the introduction of larger-screen models in late 2014, but Apple's newest iPhones incorporate fewer noticeable changes and haven't ignited as much enthusiasm among consumers. (Source: MarketWatch)


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