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Your 60 Second Weekly Update

Posted by: Megan Speet

1. BHS rescue bid fails with loss of 11,000 jobs. The department store chain BHS is to be liquidated, resulting in the closure of 163 stores and the loss of 11,000 jobs, after a rescue deal fell apart. Administrator Duff & Phelps, has confirmed that although “multiple offers” were received for the chain, a rescue deal could not be agreed because of the significant amount of cash needed to rebuild the business. (Source: Daily Mail)

2. Microsoft's Outlook and Hotmail spam filters are currently broken. If you're noticing an increased amount of spam email in your Outlook or Hotmail account, you're not alone. Microsoft's spam filters for its email service have been experiencing issues over the past 48 hours and the company is attempting to fix the problems. "Some users may be receiving excessive spam mail," reads a warning on Microsoft's service status site. (Source: Mirror)

3. Student loan payback petition tops 100,000 signatures. A petition against government plans to freeze the salary threshold at which graduates must start paying back their student loans has topped 100,000 signatures. This means the issue will now be considered for debate in Parliament. The petition, started last week by Alex True, an engineering student at Durham University, calls for the retrospective changes to the student loans agreement to be stopped. (Source: BBC News)

4. Google's self-driving cars are now self-honking as well. Google has explained how self-honking cars will, in theory at least, be far more polite and considerate than human drivers. "Our self-driving software is designed to recognize when honking may help alert other drivers to our presence," their recent report says. Google went so far as to teach the car different types of honks to be used depending on the scenario; two short toots if a car ahead is slowly reversing back into the Google car, and one, longer honk for more urgent situations. (Source: Mashable).


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