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Michael Dubicki Testimonial

Posted by: Justin Byrne

Flexioffices and Certus used to have a long-standing relationship many years ago (Certus placed me within the company nearly 13 years ago!) but had not been in touch for a very long time until recently.

As the Flexioffices brand continued to expand heavily, Certus approached me once more to offer their Assessment Day model for my consideration.

Credit must be given to Matteo D’Anna, who persevered for an impressive period of time to first get me on the phone, then arrange meetings to determine how the service would suit, and offering Flexioffices a trial of an Assessment Day without obligation to put to rest any residual concerns we may have had. He is a credit to Certus and his diligence and sales acumen should be applauded.

I must concede that, had I known the full value offered by Certus, I would have picked up the phone to Matteo first, as opposed to fobbing him off for a number of weeks! I am very glad that I eventually relented.

For even the most battle-hardened business leaders the recruitment process is a daunting experience, especially when faced with a high number of individual interviews, both first and second, over a lengthy period of time. Since recruitment is not my primary function, this weighs especially heavy in terms of man-hours expended.

The Assessment Day concept allows us (as employers) the ability to observe a large number of applicants in a competitive, controlled environment over a set period of time. The cream inevitably rises to the top and it is very encouraging to see the same individuals singled out for interview by every attending member of our team.

Within a single day, we were able to identify a long-list of 7, conduct interviews, discuss merits and make offers there and then. Even though we were scheduled to hire 2, we eventually hired 4. The quality of applicants was both higher, and more consistent, than the pot luck method of seeing people one by one which we were used to.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Assessment Day concept to others, and would encourage them to opt for a bespoke day in order to eliminate the risk of competing with other companies for the same pool of talent!

Flexioffices look forward to the next Assesment Day, which we hope to conduct every 6 to 8 months alongside our continued growth. ”

Michael Dubicki | Business Development Director



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