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Shaz Beckham Nawaz Testimonial

Posted by: Justin Byrne



"My experience with Juliana has been thoroughly enjoyable and productive.
From start to finish Juliana has been very professional, proactive and efficient in her approach.
I visited Juliana at Certus HQ where she discussed exactly what I was looking for in terms of my next role! She really identified my skills and experience I had and made me feel very relaxed and open to discuss them with her.
From the time that I left Certus HQ Juliana worked passionately to find suitable roles for me, within 3 days I had 3 arranged interviews. I was happy to get offers on these interviews which was fantastic for us.

Juliana never pushed or rushed me towards a certain role but advised me to do what is best for me and my family.
Very charming, honest and down to earth person.
Within 2 weeks of visiting Juliana I am now working for a fantastic company with fantastic people and I am doing something I genuinely enjoy.
I feel that if Juliana hadn't had the passion and persistence to find me my role then it would not have been possible so quickly!
I would highly recommend Juliana to anyone aspiring to have a great professional service and overall customer recruitment experience."


Shaz Beckham Nawaz - Candidate



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