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Our Search & Selection service is designed for companies looking to recruit senior executives, managers, or specialist positions. There are three reasons a search project is used;

  1. Confidentiality is of significant importance

  2. Very specific skill and experience is required, likely to come from a competitor or similar

  3. The project is constrained by time with a firm completion date required

The key difference between a search project and a standard recruitment exercise is that applicants are likely to be passive and will need to be approached directly.

A search service is divided into three stages: research, shortlisting and placement. The cost of the service is spread across these three stages. Due to the nature of the Search & Selection service, we are able to work to very specific requirements and set timescales.

Search & Selection is particularly useful to organisations looking to recruit Senior Executives without revealing to their market that there is a senior vacancy or that a key member of the management team is leaving. Confidentiality is a key element of any search exercise and, as such, how the details of the company and the vacancy are revealed form a key part of the exercise.

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  • ​Certus get it spot on, all the time, every time.

    Helen Hall
    Helen Hall , Technology Solutions Provider
  • ​Certus has been excellent in providing me with the right candidates for our business.  I have found the process extremely easy and believe that their sourcing system and qualification of candidates is of the highest level.

    Stefan Neale
    Stefan Neale , Fitzalan Partners
  • ​Certus focus on quality not quantity, and all of the candidates submitted were well matched and well prepared. Their recruitment staff are personable, always available and seem genuinely "in-touch".

    Laura Guittfield
    Laura Guittfield , ITN
  • ​Capita | NTS is delighted to be working with Certus. They are always professional and friendly with a fun approach to recruitment where you really feel like you are important to their business. In the last wave of recruitment they made sure our needs were met by listening closely and being relentless on our behalf. This resulted in two new employees coming aboard of very high quality. We certainly look forward to working with them again.

    James Robson
    James Robson , Capita / NTS
  • ​‘Certus are a delight to work with, they understand our business and what we are trying to achieve. Leilani is incredibly efficient and fantastic to work with’

    Talent Acquisition
    Tayla Camber-Thomas
    Tayla Camber-Thomas , Leyton
  • I had a great experience with Certus Recruitment Group! They helped with the entire process from the moment I submitted my CV to the very day before I started work. Megan S. and Gabby were super friendly and professional, I'd definitely recommend Certus to anyone looking for a job. I still can't believe I met with them on Wednesday and by Friday I had an amazing job offer!​

    Helena Couto