IR 35

IR35 Compliance And Indemnification

IR35 has been the talk of the contract world for a long time and as things sit currently, following a 12 month delay due to Covid, it will be rolled out in April 2021.

Whilst the IR35 legislation is not to be ignored and will have a major impact across the sector, it does not prevent businesses from using contractors

The intention of the private sector IR35 reform is to tackle tax avoidance, ensuring both end-clients and personal service companies are paying the correct tax. The reality is that the underlying law will stay the same, so if an assignment is deemed to be outside IR35 prior to the 6th April 2020 then it should be outside post 6th April 2020. Genuine contractors will be able to carry on working outside IR35 after April 2020.

However, the reforms potentially place a new and significant tax liability onto the ‘fee payer’ in the supply chain. These are the companies that HMRC will now look to for the payment of taxes, fines and penalties, should an assignment be deemed incorrectly outside IR35. In some situations, the liability may transfer to the end-client.


Determination Tool & Indemnification

At Certus Recruitment we have, alongside our partners, Kingsbridge developed and rolled out a Determination tool which is exclusively available to clients of Certus Recruitment.

The tool enables us to work with our clients to determine whether a project is or is not within IR35. Further, it also advises what steps can be taken to change the details of an assignment in order to alter the determination.

Where the tool has been used to assess the determination of an assignment, Certus Recruitment are able to indemnify the entire supply chain from any claims made with relation to unpaid tax and/or penalties associated with the legislation.

Certus Recruitment Group IR35 Solution


Legal & IR35 Protect Cover

  • Protects the Contractor, End Client and Fee-Payer - removes tax liability

  • Competitive advantage over other candidates without IR35 Insurance

  • £100,000 of cover for taxes, interest & penalties from HMRC Underwritten

  • Underwritten by Zurich


Using Certus Recruitment Group and Kingsbridge’s IR35 Solution:

  • Access to the best talent in Market

  • Removes any tax risk from entire supply chain

  • More ‘Outside’ determinations

  • Access to IR35 consultancy and support


Full legal expenses package that includes cover for:

  • Loss of salary and wages to attend jury service

  • Contract disputes and debt recovery cover

  • Personal identity theft cover

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  • ​Certus get it spot on, all the time, every time.

    Helen Hall
    Helen Hall , Technology Solutions Provider
  • ​Certus has been excellent in providing me with the right candidates for our business.  I have found the process extremely easy and believe that their sourcing system and qualification of candidates is of the highest level.

    Stefan Neale
    Stefan Neale , Fitzalan Partners
  • ​Certus focus on quality not quantity, and all of the candidates submitted were well matched and well prepared. Their recruitment staff are personable, always available and seem genuinely "in-touch".

    Laura Guittfield
    Laura Guittfield , ITN
  • ​Capita | NTS is delighted to be working with Certus. They are always professional and friendly with a fun approach to recruitment where you really feel like you are important to their business. In the last wave of recruitment they made sure our needs were met by listening closely and being relentless on our behalf. This resulted in two new employees coming aboard of very high quality. We certainly look forward to working with them again.

    James Robson
    James Robson , Capita / NTS
  • ​‘Certus are a delight to work with, they understand our business and what we are trying to achieve. Leilani is incredibly efficient and fantastic to work with’

    Talent Acquisition
    Tayla Camber-Thomas
    Tayla Camber-Thomas , Leyton
  • I had a great experience with Certus Recruitment Group! They helped with the entire process from the moment I submitted my CV to the very day before I started work. Megan S. and Gabby were super friendly and professional, I'd definitely recommend Certus to anyone looking for a job. I still can't believe I met with them on Wednesday and by Friday I had an amazing job offer!​

    Helena Couto