Managed Services

Managed Recruitment Services

Our Managed Service Solution provides a total recruitment solution to companies looking to gain the most from their recruitment partner. In a Managed Service agreement Certus Recruitment assumes complete responsibility for the recruitment function within your business, including everything from candidate attraction through to onboarding.

A pre-defined set of service levels and responsibilities govern the agreement, ensuring a maximum and measurable return on investment.

A Managed Service can apply to a company’s entire recruitment function, or can also be used to manage a specific project, such as the relocation of an office or the establishing of a new office or function. It can also be used alongside an existing internal function to support a different geography. i.e. where a US based business is building a UK, European or APAC team.

​​Key aspects of a managed service agreement include:

  • A named Account Director overseeing the project, determining key metrics and service levels as agreed with you, our Client.

  • A named Account Manager managing the day to day delivery of the project, directing the sourcing strategy and being the key point of contact throughout the project

  • The Account Director and Account Manager will provide a full plan for the duration of the project

  • Project Induction – the delivery team including Account Director,

  • Account Manager and resourcing team members (if required) to conduct meetings with all relevant stakeholders, understand business structure, values culture etc.

  • Full reporting as agreed throughout the project

  • Managing the advertising and candidate resourcing strategy

  • Creation of a candidate targeting strategy to approach passive candidates – by ensuring a mix of active and passive candidates we can be sure to achieve a genuine best available shortlist

  • Conducting all telescreens and interviews in line with agreed candidate interview process

  • Recording of all screening and interview activity

  • All candidates remain the property of the Managed Service Client

  • For more senior or strategic positions, we can establish and manage dedicated search and selection exercises as required to deliver desired outcomes

  • Access to our video interview suite which includes:

    • One touch video interview capability without need for set up or login detail

    • One way candidate interview capability (Solo Video Interview)

    • Capability to record and share interviews

  • The Certus Graduate team will conduct an assessment of existing recruitment marketing collateral, including written documentation, company website careers sections and social media

  • Following approval, the team will look to improve and/or create necessary collateral

  • The Certus team will create or liaise with suitable in house staff to create a social media strategy to support recruitment

  • Managing all candidate interaction and ensuring a consistent candidate experience throughout the candidate journey

  • Ensuring feedback given promptly and to agreed standards, in a positive and constructive manner

  • Managing the interview process, scheduling of interviews and taking and recording of feedback from all parties

  • Proactively dealing with any issues that arise during the process

  • Conducting of ‘in process’ reference checking between first and final stages, targeting most recent employers and using an agreed reference template

  • Conducting background suitability checks including social media sweep and CV matching – ensuring detail is consistent (e.g job dates and places of work on LinkedIn compared to CV)

  • In addition to conducting the initial briefing and assessment, the Account Manager and members of the delivery team will be available to work on-site, as necessary, throughout the project

  • The Account Manager can also be available to participate in any or all interviews

  • Team members can, if preferred, use client company email addresses & titles

  • The Account manager is able to call upon further resources at any time during the project. Should they have any concerns about their ability to achieve a required service level they will be able to draw upon the resources of the rest of the business

  • As a prioritised client the successful delivery of every project to the required standard becomes an absolute priority for our business

  • The Account Manager will manage the entire on-boarding of each candidate, managing the ‘space’ between acceptance of offer and starting, ensuring document completion and maintaining regular contact and minimising the risk of failure to start.

  • Certus will create and manage an onboarding plan for each candidate, liaising with appropriate representatives within your business to ensure a smooth transition into the business.

Ultimately, the complexity and level of support provided within a managed service agreement can be determined based on you specific need and your current structure and capability internally.

We’d love to understand more about your business and how we can help you grow. Contact us to arrange next steps.