World Expansion

Global Expansion

With an ever-increasing range of technologies delivered via the Cloud the ability for companies to quickly expand to serve a global audience is greater than ever.

For the first time, we are seeing businesses scale from nothing more than a concept through to a global business serving clients across all continents within a matter of months rather than decades.

Whilst often a significant proportion of the business can be run from a global hub, the need for a more localised presence still exists, especially within functions including (but not limited to) sales, marketing, customer success, and support.

Certus Recruitment has been helping Global companies break into new markets since 2001.

We have extensive experience working with North American and Australian Technology businesses launching in Europe, from the identification of a ‘First Man on the Ground’ to building an entire European operation.

More recently, we have helped Australian and European clients break into North America, helping navigate the complexities of the biggest free market in the world, and recruiting local talent to launch those companies in the USA and Canada.

We understand the challenges and barriers associated with expansion into new territory and probably have answers to questions you’ve not even considered yet!

We Understand

  • That there’s more than the first ‘hire’ to consider

  • The importance of maintaining and replicating company culture and values

  • The challenges posed by location and time zone differences

  • That salary levels are not as simple as multiplication of an exchange rate!

  • That local custom and style will have an impact on the job description and people

  • That deadlines are incredibly important and can’t be missed

Over many years and numerous projects we have developed and refined a comprehensive range of services and partnerships that support our clients through this complex and often challenging time, making the process of expansion as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Human Capital Solutions

  • Localisation Report: Having gained an understanding of your plan and requirement, we will provide you with a report on the local talent pool, providing benchmark salary details (based on real experience, not ‘job board’ surveys!), availability of talent, and likely timescales to recruit.

  • Compliance & Cost of Employment Summary: In every location, there are certain requirements, both legislated and ‘expected’, that you will need to adhere to as an employer. These could include pensions, travel allowances, leave entitlements etc and it’s essential that these extra considerations are included during the planning and phase.

  • Cultural Assessment: Our team spends time meeting and liaising with key personnel within your organisation, in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of your company culture and style. Depending on the size of the project, this may include our traveling to your ‘home’ base to spend time on-site (usually whilst planning the project and taking the brief) or, using our bespoke video meeting and interview platform, conducting a virtual tour of your business.

  • Video Interview Suite: One of the biggest challenges to setting up a new territory is the availability of key stakeholders. Our ‘State of the Art’ video interviewing technology allows for the interview process to be commenced and even completed without the need for extensive or repeated trips to interview. Further, as all interviews can be recorded they can be distributed for review at any time by those involved in the decision.

  • Agreed Project Plan: Regardless of the size of the team you are looking to build, we look to devise a project plan that sets out agreed timelines and metrics for each stage of the project. This allows stakeholders to plan travel and diaries and ensures deadlines are achieved. We look to map out everything from dates for shortlisting submittal through to each stage of the interview process, contract completion and onboarding of new hires.

Further Considerations

  • Location Planning: There are many factors that will influence the location of your office or whether you will have offices at all. Neglecting to consider how a location may affect your ability to recruit can be a costly mistake. At Certus Recruitment we are able to advise on the suitability of the locations available and factors that need to be considered. Access to travel routes, the ability to attract employees, and the impression given to the market are all things that need to be taken seriously.
    Office Finding: Through our network of partners we can advise on who best to use to source everything from a serviced office through to a multinational HQ.

  • HR & Compliance: Certus Recruitment is able to support your business both initially and on an ongoing basis with regard to any aspect of human resources and compliance. From the creation of employment contracts to establishing entire HR systems and employee management systems, our team of fully qualified and highly experienced HR professionals is here to help you grow your business.

  • Legal & Accounting Services: At Certus we are proud to partner with a range of partners that can help you with any aspect of establishing your business.
    Introductions: Throughout our 20 years we have helped hundreds of businesses establish themselves in a new territory. If there is anything else you require do ask, it’s highly likely that we’ll either be able to help or we’ll know someone who can.

At Certus Recruitment we are proud of the many projects we’ve completed for expanding organisations and are confident in our ability to deliver a solution that’s right for your business.
We recognise there is a huge difference between recruiting locally and managing an expansion project and it’s this level of understanding that sets us apart from our competitors.

We appreciate there is a lot of planning that goes into such projects and that this planning sometimes starts months before commencement. To set up an initial call with a Director of Certus Recruitment, contact us today.

Testimonials Default Image
  • ​I found Gabriele to be extremely professional and proactive which made the whole process far less stressful than a job hunt can sometimes be. She made a point of keeping me updated when the process was dragging out and was always open and transparent around the situation. I really appreciated her approach and I feel like she took the time to understand my background and requirements before putting roles in front of me. I dealt with a few recruiters during my job hunt and I'm sure you will know that not all are as methodic. It was a pleasure to deal with Gabriele and Certus and will absolutely be referencing you guys to friends/colleagues etc.

    Antony Howard
  • Very positive experience with Certus. A big thanks to Jack who found very suitable candidates in no time at all. We left with a new member of staff after only 10 days notice for interviews. Also thanks to Tom for his input too. Cheers Certus​

    Craig H
  • This company was so helpful in helping me find my first graduate role! In less than a week they helped make that possible! Overall awesome team that are very passionate about what they do. They honestly do want the best for you! I'd like to personally thank Gabrielle Griggs for helping me prep and ensure that I was ready for the interview day. Great company!​

    Igor Mota
  • The company was so helpful in finding me a job! I worked together with Gabi mostly, who was always happy to talk to me and answer any questions. She also prepped me so well for my interview, with information packages and mock interviews, which resulted in me getting the job! I would highly recommend this recruitment agency!​

    Anna Rachmann
  • Jimmy Bower and Megan Speet helped me secure my perfect job - they helped me through the application process and then through all the interviews. They were always there to offer encouragement and support no matter what time of day. They were both professional, helpful and knowledgeable, and most of all, friendly, which made the entire process much more pleasant! Highly recommend Certus.​

    Rhian Frost
  • ​The team at Certus, especially Megan and Gabi have been great to deal with. Quick, concise process and got me a role sooner than I could think. Would recommend to anyone looking to get into B2B telesales.

    Benjamin Osbourne-Young