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A Genius Piece of Marketing

A Genius Piece of Marketing
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A Genius Piece of Marketing – How this property firm in America nailed it just before Christmas

As a recruiter, I like to think I stay abreast of what’s going on in the world of business; not just my own sector, but that of the wider markets both here in the UK and internationally. I read the news, keep on top of what’s breaking, take note of rumours here and there which I feel might prove interesting to follow.

So when I first read about the property firm in Maryland, USA, who just shared $10 million of profits amongst their 198 employees, safe to say my interest – both as a recruiter AND a marketing specialist, no less – was in fact piqued.

It’s a fantastic piece of marketing – an article alone would have gone viral, but the truly heartwarming video showing the reactions of each employee as they opened their secret envelope at the Christmas party, containing something in the realm of $50-270,000… I’m in no way able to say that marketing was or wasn’t behind the motivations of the company in doing what they did but, blimey, did it work either way.

My marketing-specialised recruiter-brain began working overtime; it was genius, pure genius, both as a marketing and a motivational ploy. And here’s why.

Staff retention

Do you think any of those employees, whether they’ve been with the business six months or ten years, are going to be on the hunt for a new job anytime soon?

One sure-fire way to maximise the longevity of your staff is to make them feel valued, appreciated, well-achieved. In a world where money does talk, what better way to say a huge thank you to each individual?

If it’s not about the money for you – company CEO Ed St John’s heartfelt speech, which he gave ahead of the big reveal, certainly made his gratitude clear. He’s a guy you’d want to work for, and I imagine the very vast majority of these employees will continue to do so.

Candidate attraction

Place your bets for where the top talent in Maryland’s property industry will be sending their resumés in the new year.

In today’s day and age, to attract and engage with superstars you need to stand out; it’s never been more important to differentiate yourselves as a competitor in the market. Pieces of truly outstanding and now viral marketing like this? Well, it’s a stellar way to get your name out there.

In sharing ten mil between their employees, these guys have pretty much guaranteed their spot on most candidates’ “target employer” lists – and not because people will be expecting the same again next year. Oh no, people will want to work for them simply for the fact that they did it once*… No obligations.

*It would be nice though.

Staff motivation

We just gave you a bonus of $50,000 – so, how hard are you going to work for us next year?

Let’s be honest – it’s Christmas time, the new year is looming and we’re all already skint. If my boss coolly dropped a cheque for 50K on my desk right now – just before a nice, rejuvenating Christmas break no less – I think I’d be feeling even more so ready to smash next year out of the park (hint hint).

Seriously though – they’ve just showed their employees what can come of hard work and dedication to the cause. You’ve brought the team together, united not only in the bright lights and shared drinks of a Christmas party but one where you all witnessed and experienced something amazing; your staff are feeling more cherished, furthermore motivated than ever.

Yep, this was one of the most fascinating, fun to follow and heartwarming ‘Christmas miracles’ for me this year; marketing is a tough gig, and it’s not exactly easy to do well.

The fact that the real estate company was able to market their business whilst quite possibly changing the lives of some of their hard-working employees at the same time… Well, Merry Christmas indeed. Talk about embodying the season of giving.

Have a watch of the awesome reveal videohere– it’s sure to get you in the festive spirit, if all else fails.

You’ll be pleased to know that money isn’t the only way to attract and retain your sector’s top performers – that’s where we come in. Here in London the candidate marketplace is stronger than ever; so, let’s talk recruitment strategy and retention plans for next year.

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