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Apprenticeships vs Degrees: what is the best way to grow talent?

Apprenticeships vs Degrees: what is the best way to grow talent?

​The debate between degree and apprenticeship and which one of the two represents the best way to both grow talent and maximise income in someone’s career has always been a hot topic for young people, parents and employers.

On one hand, the Government is planning to raise the quality and status of apprenticeships, targeting to have three million learners start by 2020. The introduction of theApprenticeship Levy will definitely change the way apprenticeships are funded in England, with all employers with a wage bill of over £3 million now having to make an investment.

On the other hand, a recent study conducted by the multinational support services and construction companyInterserve,shows that degrees are still preferred over apprenticeships.

The survey has been sent to three key audiences among a representative quota sample of 5294 people: employers (511 senior decision makers in businesses in Great Britain), parents (4,307 adults) and young people (509 13-18 year olds), in April 2016.
The result shows that apprenticeships are struggling to compete with university qualifications in London among each of the three groups.Only 2% of young people in London said they currently plan to do an apprenticeship.

In addition, only 7% of London-based businesses value work-based training programmes such as apprenticeships when looking to recruit. Finally, only 14% of parents in the capital thought apprenticeships would be a good choice for their children.

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