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The Beauty of Adaptability

The Beauty of Adaptability
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What a funny time to be alive. Not funny in the literal sense, of course – anything but.

Perhaps I should say what a weird, troubling, unprecedented time to be alive – but, alive we are, so persevere we must.

You may have been following my posts this week as my team here in Melbourne transitions to working full-time from home – we’ve been employing a ‘daily theme’ for each day, thus far encompassing hat day, sports team day and black Friday (we’re getting really creative over here).

We adore the co-working space we occupy in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, and WFH isn’t something we ever thought we’d need to employ so abruptly, let alone so completely; but, in times like these, we want to do our bit to stop the spread of this dastardly virus, Covid-19.

I’m more proud of my team than I thought possible. We’re lucky as recruiters – we use a phone, a laptop and an internet connection to do what we do, making it fairly easy to up sticks and head home for the next few weeks.

But what’s struck me throughout this whole pandemic is how adaptable it’s proven our staff to be.I can’t say for sure that ‘adaptability’ would have been top of my list for top traits to look for in a new hire; hard-working, of course, possesses initiative, definitely – but adaptable?

What exactly does it mean?

I’m fast learning exactly that:

To be adaptable means to embrace challenges, rather than shy away from them, understanding that it’s probably necessary in order to grow. It’s knowing that change is inevitable and, instead of working to downplay situations or wait until things reach breaking point to react, taking charge and doing what you can with the hand you’ve been dealt. It’s the willingness to crack on, even if it means making mistakes in the beginning or struggling through a ‘teething period’, in the name of getting the job done.

Adaptability is finding the silver lining under any circumstance; problem-solving; learning as you go. And, certainly, in our case, it’s doing that all with a smile on your face. I’ll reiterate, I couldn’t be more proud of my team; for the work they’re putting into service clients who themselves may be struggling, the support they’re offering to job seekers (new and previous), the work they’re doing unaided, with only themselves for motivation (in the physical sense, anyway).

The word ‘adaptable’ may not have been the first to my lips in previous recruitment campaigns, whether of my own team or those of clients – but it will be from now on.

Wishing everyone all the best; those who still have jobs, those who don’t, the business leaders navigating these challenging times, healthcare workers and everyone else out there – sending love from Team Certus here in Melbourne.

PS – we’re open to suggestions for upcoming daily themes…


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