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There’s Never Been A Better Time To Switch To MarTech

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Switch To MarTech
Publish Date: October 9th, 2023

​Being a marketer a few decades ago was a very different path from that of today. The explosive growth of the MarTech industry is not something to ignore.


Although businesses had already been making use of digital strategies, the global pandemic caused an accelerated shift towards the digital revolution.


The Marketing and Technology sectors have blended, MarTech is born - it’s expanding at a rapid rate and now might be the most exciting time to upskill and make that career switch.


What is MarTech?


Marketing technology refers to the systems and tools that help marketers better engage with their audiences. These tools streamline and automate processes, saving marketing professionals heaps of time while enabling them to analyse the success of their efforts.


Why MarTech?


Modern marketing simply doesn’t exist without MarTech. Digital transformation is as much about the development of people as it is technology. Today’s marketing teams need a mix of creativity and technology to thrive.


Businesses are seeking people with traditional marketing skills to blend with the next generation of technical tools. Balancing branding, communications and creative-based roles, with automation, analytics and data.


Remote opportunities


The pandemic accelerated existing trends in remote work. More than ever, people are looking to move past decades of 9-5 office-centric work, seeking new ways to operate, be it flexibly, remotely or part-time.


Marketing was one of the leading sectors that thrived with flexibility and remote-working. The future of work is dispersed – with better work-life balance, less commuting stress and location freedom - working from home / wherever you fancy is more important than ever.


The MarTech sector has put remote working at the forefront, with progressive businesses building remote teams.


Lets you market smarter


The innovation of MarTech tools enables you to be a better marketer, it’s that simple. If you use Google Analytics to track performance on your website, or send emails through MailChimp, you're already using MarTech.


Examples include:


●      Email marketing

●      Content management systems

●      Optimisation platforms

●      Data analytics

●      Customer data platforms

●      Social media platforms


Technologies like these save marketers time, making them more efficient and in turn able to deliver and measure results better.


Accelerating salary


Ambitious organisations are on the lookout for people to bridge the gap between marketing and tech. The synergy between the sectors has created a new profession and in turn, has elevated salaries and day rates.


A recent LinkedIn study suggests that despite the pandemic and its economic consequences, opportunities in the marketing sector are only expanding, with roles in digital leading the charge.


This is an exciting time to move into MarTech, particularly due to salary benefits. The Marketing Technology industry has consistently grown over the last five years. The revenue of this sector is expected to grow at an annual rate of 5.6% through 2021-22 and reach £4.6 billion. With revenue on the rise, the average MarTech salary in the UK is £50,000 per year, with entry positions starting at £40,000 and more experienced candidates receiving £78,000 a year.


Self-service mindset


The movement towards the remote work model has given people more control over how they work. Now, there are ample opportunities to enhance your existing skills in order to develop within modern marketing roles, like:


●      Program manager

●      Martech project manager

●      Marketing technology product owner

●      Marketing technologist

●      Digital marketing operations

●      Marketing automation

●      Marketing database, architect and integration

●      Marketing analytics, insights and science

●      Marketing tech business analyst

●      Scrum master

●      Growth hacker

●      Marketing Operations

●      Account Executive SaaS


Investment in MarTech


Before the pandemic, investment in MarTech was on the rise. On average, brands in the UK and North America are spending 26% of their overall marketing budgets on MarTech, which includes automation software, analytics tools and artificial intelligence.


MarTech isn’t going anywhere, and it only plans to get bigger. While the world pieces itself back together, companies are investing in marketing platforms at rapid rates. Many are also hiring people with varied, broad marketing backgrounds and skill sets.


Tips for the emerging Marketing Technologist


Choosing to develop your knowledge with in-demand, transferable digital marketing skills will keep you on the path to professional success.


●      Get involved in online MarTech communities

●      Read leading insights

●      Check out courses like The MarTech Academy

●      Listen to The MarTech Podcast

●      Connect with people in the industry (networking events, LinkedIn)

●      Upskill with platforms like Google Skillshop and HubSpot Academy


The digital revolution has not only had a dramatic impact on how we recruit for talented candidates, but it’s also introduced a whole new world of roles on the market.


Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Are you ready to take the leap?



At Certus, we embrace all things digital, adapting and refining our offering as the space evolves.


We’re always looking out for fresh talent to match with innovative and exciting organisations. If you’re looking for advice or your next opportunity, get in touch.

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