Futuristic training, development and skills matrix

At Certus Recruitment Group we recognise that the achievement of our Vision is dependent on our attracting great people and helping them become the best version of themselves that they can be.

The alignment of goals is crucial and that's why we've developed our 'Route to Success' program.

'Route to Success' consists of two distinct stages. The first is designed to give a structured induction to the Certus way. Regardless of your level of experience, we cover

  • Expected standards of behaviour and how we want to be viewed by those with whom we engage.

  • Measurement criteria and timescales for achieving the various milestones we discuss

  • Core activities and why they're important

  • What 'excellence' means within Certus

  • Your personal goals and objectives and what success looks like to you

Following the initial induction period we move on to stage two, an ongoing process of goal setting, training and personal development.

​The second stage of the 'Route to Success' focuses on your mid to longer term goals. By knowing what you're looking to achieve, we are able to help create a pathway that leads you to reach and exceed those goals. This could include:

  • Specific learning and development requirements

  • The support you need to achieve them

  • Key objectives with agreed deadlines

  • Opportunities for development and career advancement

'Route to Success' is a simple yet proven appraisal and development system that actually works, is simple to follow and directly contributes to your success.

What can you achieve?​