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Changes to Continue in a Post-Pandemic World

Changes to Continue in a Post-Pandemic World
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​All business leaders talk about change – how to manage it, embrace it, and approach it as an inevitable, ever-positive thing. And yet, so many have been caught unawares in the last month by the Covid 19 pandemic, large and small businesses alike. Many of those businesses that were already operating online weren’t ready for an influx of extra activity and information whilst, on the other hand, some are still scrambling to get their business operating virtually.

In a positive sense, many people are learning things about their business; a potential they perhaps had seen but not acted upon, or a new way of working altogether. Whilst there’s no doubting that the coronavirus has brought about destruction and devastation – to both humankind itself and the economy around us – it also has huge potential to engender positive forward movement.

The pandemic has changed life as we know it for now, and will continue to do so for months, maybe years still. But what are the changes we think have the potential to stick around for the foreseeable?

1. Working from home

This is certainly one of the most obvious and widely-adopted measures being taken to stop the spread of the virus and, seeing as remote-working was already trending upwards before all of this, we can safely assume many businesses will adopt such schemes long-term.

The office will always play an important part in employment, if only for the presence of company culture, sociability and building team spirit. But, from an employee satisfaction standpoint, for the many people who’ve gained potentially multiple hours in spare time by cutting out their commute on a daily basis, WFH capabilities could prove to be key for retaining staff in future.

2. Digital education

Online courses and “self-learning” have been changing the world of professional qualifications for years now – but what about actual schooling?

Of course, as a child, your early years at school physically are key for many areas of development and utterly invaluable. However, for colleges and universities, internet-based classes, virtual seminars and online resources could be one of the things we see sticking around for good.

Colleges and universities will potentially be able to access talented professors and expert educators from around the world for the betterment of their students’ education – not to mention the cost savings involved in hosting online lectures instead of in-person. Digital education is a thing of the present, and hopefully future.

3. Recognition for the right people

It’s become swiftly and universally agreed upon (albeit a shame we needed reminding), that the people we should celebrate aren’t the reality TV celebs, sports stars and business moguls of the world, but those within the industries who keep our countries moving. Those who are risking their lives every day, whether serving the public in our supermarkets or saving lives on the front line. The teachers going into school each day to look after the children of those people. The individuals making sure that critical supplies make it to where they’re needed the most.

Hopefully, in the future, we will all be more cognizant of who and what actually makes the world go round, as it were. There are, of course, a fair share of celebs, sports stars and business moguls who have done and are doing amazing things; I’d never say otherwise. But, one of the biggest changes we hope will stick around when this is over is society as a whole recognising the right people for the incredible things they bring to the world.

Change is inevitable, whether forced unexpectedly or taking a planned approach; none of us have been untouched by the circumstances which are constantly evolving worldwide. Nonetheless, there are positives to be taken from every situation. What other changes have you seen effected in the world today, which you’d like to see continue post-Covid 19?

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